Cup autonomous driving Audi seeks young talent

Audi inaugurates a new edition of the Cup of autonomous driving with the participation of eight teams from German universities specialized in different branches of engineering prototypes fight with the Q2 for a prize of 10,000 euros students.

Cup autonomous driving Audi have eight prototypes of autonomous Q2 equipped with high technology scale

Audi, immersed in the development of autonomous driving, encourages young talents of German universities with autonomous driving Cup held since 2015.

This competition will feature a reproduction scale 1: 8, an all-electric prototype Audi Q2 equipped with ultrasonic sensors, 3D camera, reversing camera and a graphics card NVIDIA high performance underbody, elements that are essentially similar to those of the new Audi A8 but unlike this production model, these components have been developed by the students themselves specialized in the fields of robotics, data science, software architecture, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology using the basic functionality provided by the brand with the four rings.

Technically, these prototypes have a scale 3D new and wide-angle front camera with a detection range capable of capturing larger information at the same level as the laser scanner new Audi A8 and, at the same time it has a rear camera that offers more precise maneuvers. 

The Audi Q2 at 1: 8 is electric. Will it be a foretaste of an electrified version in the real model?

These cameras are complemented by the ten ultrasonic sensors distributed throughout the body - five front three behind and one in each laterally with a detection range from two centimeters to four meters.

Also equips acceleration sensor over nine axes that is responsible for registering changes direction and sends the information to a central real-board computer with a processor quad-core high-speed time.

All this powerful network of sensors, cameras and control logic, equivalent to the fitted in Audi production models- It will be evaluated in a first stage of the Cup of autonomous driving Audi.

The event will be held at the Audi Forum between 15 and 17 November

The first test will be a surprise although the brand anticipates that must pass some tests jams, crosses without collisions and behave in traffic with other vehicles while keeping the safety distance with special attention to possible pedestrians intending to cross the street or interpret traffic signals.

The second phase corresponds to a presentation of the technical developments and the third stage is a challenge as creatively as possible in which the teams will use artificial intelligence, especially with the fewest faults. The university team with the most points will receive 10,000 euros, the runner will have 5,000 euros and the third 1,000 euros.

But the economic price is not the most important Cup Autonomous Audi Driving the new Q2 as the protagonist, but the possibility that the brand offers to become part of the brand in an international internship program twelve month in a variety of areas.

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