The Ford Mustang most spectacular SEMA 2017

Of all the Ford Mustang that were presented at the 2017 edition of the SEMA Show, these are the best and most spectacular event in Las Vegas, in the year in which premieres new Ford Mustang 2018.

Ford Performance booth at SEMA 2017.

2017 edition of the SEMA Show closes its doors after several days of spectacular events, presentations and exhibitions. In which we have seen Numerous copies of the pony-car Ford, one of the classic pieces of this appointment. This is the year of the launch of the new Ford Mustang 2018 Ford Performance so, the sports division of the brand, has been undoubtedly one of the stars of SEMA 2017.

Up to 7 different versions of the Mustang Ford commissioned several specialists, those who own units joined the brand with new products catalog Ford Performance or private workshops.

These are the most spectacular examples of the Mustang that we see these days at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, among which we highlight some classic examples. Authentic works of automotive craftsmanship They rivaling the most modern and spectacular kits and preparations on the current generation pony.

Shelby 1000 Shelby American.

Shelby 1000 Track Car

One of the surprises of the event was the presentation of the new Shelby 1000 Shelby American Car Track. The company founded by Carroll Shelby unearthed a name not used anywhere from a few years ago and finally debuts in sixth-generation Mustang.

This is the first work presented on the new Mustang Shelby 2018, Although this kit is also available for other versions of the model, such as the 2015 Mustang Shelby GT500 or fifth generation. Modifications are very deep, it has Alluminator block V8 5.2 liter with a new 4.5-liter Whipple compressor that raises the yield up to 1,013 hp (1,000 hp) rack-level and found it all again. Since the axes to the suspension and Brembo are entirely new.

This version, for reasons of emissions, is not homologable, so it is subject to use in circuit. Only 50 units will be manufactured annually at a price of $ 169,995, not including the car.

Developed between Ford and RTR.

Ford Mustang RTR 2018

One of the most discrete presentations Mustang is also one of the most attractive and original, the RTR. The new Mustang RTR 2018 is not a concept car, because it has elements that will be available in Ford Performance catalog and the coach himself.

This workshop, led by the pilot Vaughn Gittin Jr., It is a real specialist model, which was left note in the model presented at SEMA 2017. This has a very close image to the standard model, with new multirradio tires, adhesives and air intakes on the hood. As well as a discreet rear spoiler and above all, the new supercharger kit for Ford and Roush Performance, so the Mustang GT increases its power to 710 hp (700 hp).

It will be sold in 3 variants, Spec Spec from 1 to 3, the latter is the one that has the new kit Roush Performance Ford and will only be available for the V8 version of the Mustang.

Manufactured under license from Ford and Shelby.

Revology Mustang Shelby GT500 1967

Although it seems a restored model, the fact is that it is a completely new issue. Revology unveiled at SEMA its new Shelby GT500, a model below manufactured from scratch by Revology, including chassis, but under license from Ford and Shelby American's own.

By $ 219,000 You can release a new Shelby GT500 1967, though endowed with a frame and a much more modern engine, plus powerful because Revology mounts a V8 Ford prepared by Roush delivers 608 CV (600 hp) and 644 Nm of torque, mounted on a frame of current technology. So suspension, brakes and steering have a current touch.

Revology also features a replica of the Shelby GT350, which is available $ 187,500 with an evolution of the Coyote V8 5.0-liter and 450 hp.

Simply superlative.

2018 Mustang by Tucci Hot Rods

The Mustang presenting the workshop Tucci Hot Rods It is simply superlative. His transformation dragster, because another name is not worth, the new Mustang 2018 It was the most striking of the new model Ford.

Its body features new wider panels and the interior is just racing, with type bacquets Cobra seats and harnesses 6 points, but the most striking is his behind. we find a huge rear spoiler and a lower diffuser radical. It even has parachute.

The Mustang GT V8 engine has been renovated and now It has supercharging. This is one of the Mustang that Ford itself commissioned for its booth at the 2017 SEMA.

The Boss 302 Ironman.

Speedkore Boss 302 1970 Ford Mustang

Winsconsin workshop presented at SEMA 2017 commissioned by itself Robert Downey Jr., the actor who instructs Ironman on the big screen. As usual in the works of the workshop, the model faithfully respected the proportions and original design, although the body is completely new. It has been replaced panel to panel with new ones made in carbon fiber.

Despite its appearance almost standard, the fact is that this Mustang 302 Boss 1970 is virtually new, because it has new front subframe aluminum block Ford Aluminator V8 5.0-liter Performance with compressor Roush Performance and schemes renewed suspension and brakes. In addition to a redesigned interior specifically for this special one-off.

The result has been so spectacular that this work won one of the awards "The Best of the Show" the contest. You can follow all the news from SEMA Show 2017 from our special coverage of the event in Las Vegas.