The Ford GT40 waiting to be repaired since 1977

A Ford GT40 racing, failed in 1977, he has remained forgotten in a garage in the United States. This unit has several features that make it unique. This is the last GT40 Mk I manufactured by Ford. Its new owner, a collector restore it. It could be worth several million euros.

Buried under a pile of junk, and was one of
most desirable cars in automotive history. An unexpected destination
a Ford GT40 racing manufactured in 1967 and has been forgotten in a
California for nearly four decades.

With this GT40 competed Salt Walther, a pilot who made his
first steps in the USAC (which gave rise to the CART) and NASCAR in the 70s in
1975 was acquired by a retired firefighter, who continued to use until
. A major engine trouble him away from the slopes and its owner
He began repairs, but he fell ill so I had to postpone it indefinitely. So
this sport fell into oblivion.

From what we can ascertain, he not heard anything
car until 2010. Since then it has been under discussion restoration Y
It was now that he has finally changed hands. Thomas Shaughnessy, a collector
passionate about classic cars, it is the new owner after a year of arduous negotiations.


This unit Ford GT40 with P / 1067 chassis has several
. The first is that despite being a Mk I came from the factory
rear engine cover Mk II version that would replace. I only know
They performed three units with this feature, which is the only one that has
It survived what makes him a rarity.

It is also the last GT40 Mk I made in 1966 and
so the latter manufactured by Ford because the following year, the manufacturer
American replaced it with the Mk II. There were units of the Mk I made with
but later they were built by Ford but by pilot John Wyer,
but they already had the serial number signed by J.W. Automotive Engineering.

The amount by which Shaughnessy has acquired American sports not
transpired, but we have no doubt that, once restored, the Ford GT40
it might be a few million euros.