2018 Ford Focus Sportbreak: we show its first spy photos

We hunt for the first time a test mule of the Ford Focus Sportbreak new generation. The variant family body 2018 Ford Focus is underway. At the technological level it will be very substantial progress, while the aesthetic section, we face an evolution of the current model. It will arrive at dealerships next year.

The current generation Ford Focus came to market in the
2010. From then until today, has been making occasional
point and a small redesign in 2014. However, time passes
for everyone and years and will weigh the current Focus. For a long time
we knew that Ford engineers were working on the next generation,
however, it was not until today when we have
hunted the most familiar and practical version

Ford Focus Sportbreak 2018 - spy photo

First tests of the new Ford Focus Sportbreak next generation.

We show you the first spy photos of a mule testing the Ford Focus Sportbreak 2018. As we see with the naked eye, the new development program Focus estate is at a very early stage, therefore, we confirm not arrive in dealerships until 2018. Although other thing is that Ford can present sometime in the second half of this year.

Nicknamed Elvis, this test mule seems at first glance a car "Frankenstein", especially in his defense. Which seems to have been added badly to extend the body line and resemble the dimensions will the future production model. Obviously, and as it is a mule, very few things can move the prototypes before long throw them rolling on the road.

In any case, we can anticipate is that the new Ford Focus Sportbreak 2018 will be bigger and roomier than the current model. Recall that the current generation of the family variant Focus measures 4.35 meters long wheelbase stands at 2.64 meters. Therefore, thanks to this increase in size, will offer a more spacious cabin, especially for rear seat passengers. For its part, the trunk will increase the load capacity.

Ford Focus Sportbreak 2018 - spy photo

Test mule Sportbreak 2018 Ford Focus.

A few months ago we got to take a sneak peek into the Ford Focus 2018 (another test mule), and although we have a cabin whose design was not very advanced, helped us to anticipate change and line will Ford at the time completing the work.

According to current information available to us, the new generation Focus and, therefore, the Focus Sportbreak, will not undergo a radical change in terms of image. Moreover, what we will see an evolution of the current design incorporating some of the latest novelties presented by the brand in their latest releases.

And so will the technology section as it adopted new safety systems and driving aids. Recall that Ford is one of the manufacturers who are betting on more autonomous driving. And although we will not see an autonomous Focus in the short term, it is clear that experience will be reflected in its production models.

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Photos: CarPix