So would the Volkswagen Polo R which is already posing the brand

New reports suggest that Volkswagen not only is considering the launch of a new Polo R, but already has the first prototypes of this version using the 2.0-liter engine and 300 horses Golf R.

Recreation of the new Volkswagen Polo R by X-Tomi.

A report from Autocar, citing sources from the German company itself says that Volkswagen has already made Several prototypes of the new Polo R motif assessment. Although this does not mean we get to see on the market this new generation of the most powerful and radical version of the German model subcompact.

According to the report, the brand pretendría expand the R model family, however, the Polo R is an alternative that the firm is not so clear for the recently launched new generation model, it would be a version with a higher price and a fairly complex positioning in the current catalog of the brand.

2017 The new generation Polo was presented last June and tore its production plant in Navarra this summer. The sixth-generation Polo not only came loaded with new, but related to the Volkswagen Golf than ever, so according to the same report, the new Polo R employ the same 4 cylinder 2.0 liter Golf R, with no less than 300 horses.

Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2015.

The GTI Polo fifth generation had a 1.8 liter engine 192 hp, while the R Polo limited production had 220 hp. The current sixth-generation Polo GTI has a block supercharged 2.0-liter that delivers 200 hp so the theoretical yield of Polo R should be above 230-240 CV. Employment engine 300 hp Golf R does not seem plausible, although it would not be unreasonable to think of a somewhat watered-down evolution of this engine, with an output around 250 horses.

The Polo R had I sense a few years ago because of the participation of the brand in the WRC Championship, however, today their presence in the end could not be justified, especially given the high price of the model. According to Autocar that the problem is on the table of the directors of the German mark right now.

If we further assume that as the rumors say, these new Polo R prototypes have the same mechanical specifications of the R version of the Golf, we find a model that by its smaller size could have higher performance, which means more competition for compact model, which has already dealing with the SEAT León Cupra version.

Photos: Render X-Tomi Design