Check if your Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen is affected by the dieselgate

Finally most commercial brands of the Volkswagen Group, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen have launched specific sites in Spanish where you can check that vehicles are affected by the case of dieselgate. The brand will soon contact you.

All manufacturers have launched specific affected areas to report on the case

Since two weeks ago jumped the scandal over match-fixing Volkswagen diesel engines EU5 189 EA, the biggest concern of all has come from clients who wondered if their car was hit or not. Today all brands affected, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen have made available to interested parties a phone and a website to report on what cars equipped with engines of discord.

brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda have released a phone contact, 900,180,361, which customers can call and inquire about whether or not your car enters the list of victims. In addition the first three also allow online check through three specific sites in which you just have to have on hand the chassis number of the car to know whether or not involved:

  • See if your Volkswagen is affected
  • See if your Audi is affected
  • See if your SEAT is affected

My car is affected, now what?

There are two possibilities, that our car has or does not have a souped-up engine 189 EA. If no luck, you can stop reading. If so, the first thing to do is stay calm. Now it is useless to start with expletives or legal action, more than anything because the Volkswagen Group has not reported on what corrections expected to apply the engines in question.

The chassis number is 17 letters and numbers. With him we will know if we are or not affected

There are several possible solutions, but as the most experienced voices discussed in such cases, correction involves a change of software or reprogramming of the PBX car, that after all is the one that manages the engine, which consumes and what defiles.

If so, and Volkswagen unless a rabbit out of the hat is removed, operation would result in a loss of performance and increased consumption. This implies a serious problem for those affected beyond the obvious, and in that case our car would lose much residual value, ie lose sales value in the second hand market.

For this reason, and the fact affect the natural conditions of the car at the time of purchase, all users should be entitled to compensation. The amount of this is very random, and do not want to give figures to confuse the user, possibly or Volkswagen or Audi, and SEAT, Skoda and know how to solve this issue. At least for the moment.

Volkswagen scandal, questions and answers deception

We repeat that the best thing for now is to stay calm. Of course You can continue to run with cars, whether they are affected or not, because it is completely safe lead. Later, according to advance the review process call to know what it will be the arrangement.

Finally, many consumer organizations have already launched recruitment campaigns for consumers affected by the Volkswagen scandal. As we said yesterday the victims are 683,682 vehicles. Not a bad way to deal with the possible compensation, but you should know that these organizations charge for their services. So just join up for the solution once known brands.