Will we see a Volkswagen Variant Arteon? This recreation anticipates

At the time a senior Volkswagen did not close the door to a family court practice and the new Volkswagen Arteon variant. Something like a shooting brake body type. Although its release has no green light in you anticipate the look you would wear a hypothetical Arteon Variant with recreation.

So would the appearance of Volkswagen Variant Arteon if reached the market.

Before the Volkswagen Arteon was presented to society during the last Geneva Motor Show 2017, a senior German manufacturer said that Volkswagen did not close the door to a variant that will bring an added convenience and familiar character to a vehicle emotional cut and which is positioned as a sporty luxury alternative to Passat own, exclusive.

The truth is that after Elmar-Marius Licharz, Line Manager General Product of Volkswagen, make sure that the development of a Volkswagen Arteon with body type "Shooting Brake" is not ruled out, we have not returned to have new information on this hypothetical model. This allows us to follow a theoretical thinking Volkswagen Variant Arteon, still real possibilities of reaching materialize.

On the basis of the R-Line Arteon in version we have set to work to design the recreation that heads this article. Thanks to it we can anticipate the appearance that would look like this model if someday arrives at dealerships. Suffice it to take a quick glance to realize that this is not a conventional Arteon Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Arteon R-Line - Rear

A look behind the Volkswagen R-Line Arteon currently marketed in Spain.

The main difference would lie in the rear. More specifically from C pillar of the sports sedan. Lose its characteristic drop ceiling to accommodate the "standards" that can be associated with a Shooting Brake body. That is, familial. Although maintain the shape of the optical, chrome and details the small but subtle spoiler, the moon would be totally different.

With respect to the base model, the Volkswagen Variant Arteon have several qualities that would position him as a suitable vehicle for a family. For example, the boot significantly increase its capacity. Even the rear seats could undergo some changes for improvements to increase the space available for passengers traveling in them.

Recall that the Volkswagen Arteon is for sale on the Spanish dealers for a few months. It can be configured with front or all-wheel drive. It is offered with diesel or gasoline engines and, depending on the engine chosen, I will be accompanied by a manual or automatic six-speed DSG dual-clutch seven relations.

Volkswagen does not close the door to a more practical and dynamic Arteon

Image: Automedia