DSG speeds Volkswagen 10 cancels its development

Volkswagen has finally decided to cancel the development of a dual-clutch DSG 10 relationships. The manufacturer has decided that it is not the time to go through with it because they have other more important issues to deal with for now.

According to the source, Volkswagen said during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show that the development of the new automatic gearbox DSG dual clutch 10 relations It has been canceled. The high cost of development and high complexity of this new change have caused for the moment stay in the air.

Volkswagen told Motoring that " In the end, we had to balance our priorities where they were with our transmissions and other things are more important and urgent ". Luckily these statements imply that the project is definitely not canceled but remains slow to be taken up later when their priority is greater.

Volkswagen announced a couple of years the beginning of its development and the benefits of this that could reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. He confirmed that this case would be compatible for use in transverse and longitudinal engines to apply to vehicles of any type of traction: front, rear and four-wheel.

It was granted mainly to improve the consumption of small blocks three and four cylinders for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda models being able to offer up to 500 Nm of torque we would see in the next generation Golf, Polo and other siblings, and even the Golf R400.

On the agenda of its rivals some have decided to get a transmission of these features, such as Hyundai, GM and Ford, while others, such as BMW, have declared that they will not compete for who has more gears. The other German star, Mercedes, and offers change 9G-Tronic in some specific models.