Volkswagen Classic Parts spares, classical also entitled to original spare parts

The Volkswagen Classic Parts program is already an old acquaintance from countries like Germany and now wants to be known and take more prominence in the official sales network of Volkswagen in Spain. Volkswagen Classic Parts, those models of the brand with more than fifteen years may resort to the existing catalog of over 40,000 original spare parts.

Surely all those who have a classic you know of the difficulties that find original (and more if they are new) parts, being discontinued or be difficult to locate. To facilitate maintenance and conservation state like the original of its classic vehicles, Volkswagen is launching a new service in Spain, known as Volkswagen Classic Parts, which will have a catalog of over 40,000 references.

Thus, those vehicles with a certain age can find the parts they need to maintain a state as close as possible to the original, and new state. Currently, the catalog Volkswagen Classic Parts comprises more than 40,000 original pieces, and will continue to rise, recovering parts of all kinds that are already out of print.

Within the program VW Classic Parts Genuine Parts They are encompassed all kinds of models, from the classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia Transporter T2 or to more recent models, the decades of 70 or 80, as the Volkswagen Golf and Scirocco of the first two generations or Transporter T3.

These spare parts for classic will be available in any official Volkswagen after-sales service in Spain, and can repair any model of the brand regardless of age, keep in good condition and also with the backing of the manufacturer's authorized service.