New Volkswagen Touran. The final minivan.

Volkswagen renews inside and outside its seven-seater.

In summer, returns interest towards cars that opt ​​for family fun. The new Touran is released to dominate the segment MPVs seven-seater, and it is not limited to renew its appearance; Its main advantage is, of course, fuel.

New Volkswagen Touran. The final minivan.

The Touran offers a choice of six new petrol and common-rail diesel engines in a power range from 90 to 170 horsepower, with fuel consumption and emissions continue to decline with each generation. Thus, the Touran 1.6 TDI BlueMotion Technology 105 hp reaches an average consumption of 4.6 l / 100 km and emission rate of 121 g / km CO2 figures difficult to match another seven-seater. Among the petrol engines it stands out for its relationship between consumption and power, the 1.2 TSI. A turbo direct injection 105 hp engine, which reaches a torque of 175 Nm, with an average consumption of only 6.4 l / 100 km and emission rate of 149 g / km CO2.

The exterior design is incorporated into new DNA Volkswagen recognizable. Although it is a restyling of the previous model, the front is graced with headlights and a central grill that resemble those riding the Golf. The back has suffered a much greater redesign, highlighting light units arranged horizontally and transversely by the tailgate parties. The latter include the expansion of the glazed surface and incorporating a hydraulic system which reduces the closing force.

New Volkswagen Touran. The final minivan.

Furthermore, the characteristics and dimensions of the Touran does not vary significantly. His body, rated with five stars EuroNCAP, retains its length of 4.39 m, width of 1.79 m and height of 1.67 m. The wheel arch also remains the same, with 2.69 m.

The Touran Volkswagen formula has served to dominate the German market for MPVs. Although its position at European level is not as close to the leadership, the Wolfsburg factory expects to consolidate its presence in the public sector as important as young and dynamic families who enjoy frequent trips group.