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Skoda Karoq test, when you throw a safe bet

The SUV range continues to increase, and is now Skoda who will add a new member to its family of raised models, launching in this way, your bet on the C-SUV segment to stand up to his twin brother, Seat Ateca. Let's put it to the test.

He Skoda Karoq along the Sicilian coast, an unbeatable combination

Skoda launches its bets, and launches into a safe bet. Led to stronger each time segment, and that the trend is unstoppable SUV. Each and every one of the brands need, no longer one, if not few. The more the better. And the brand has shown his cards, showing once again that know how to make a great car to face the vicissitudes of such a crowded market currently. 

Skoda already he showed us last year Kodiaq, its commitment focused on D-SUV segment. With this first member the door opened the SUV for the Czech brand. The Kodiaq thanks to its large dimensions, they did dig deep field of large, thus competing with the Nissan X-Trail, Tiguan Allspace, Kia Sorento or 5008. Starting in this way, a journey from which almost a year later we can describe as a real victory

But of course, the manufacturer checho would not stand with a unique model in its sobreelevada range, and a few months ago, the brand showed us in the past Frankfurt Auto Show its new model designed to stand up to other tenants segment C-SUV. He Skoda Karoq had arrived. 

Our Karoq incorporated 4x4 all-wheel drive

From the place of his presentation, we could see the Skoda Karoq with great detail, where We could record a video showing you all together, in it, we express our approval of the model. Behind the scenes we could talk about the day that would pass through the hands of team, by looking forward we had it. The day has come, and have not been disappointed at all. 

A robust and generous outside

Once you have the Skoda Karoq front, really looks big, muscular and robust, perfect adjectives for a car of this category. This gives us a very attractive addition to creating us set the visual illusion that is a car that can do it all. This illusion is no longer illusion when we are at your command. The Karoq shows that yes, that does it all

Photo 1 - Karoq Skoda 2.0 TDI 150PS StylePhoto 2 - Karoq Skoda 2.0 TDI 150PS StylePhoto 3 - Karoq Skoda 2.0 TDI 150PS StylePhoto 4 - Karoq Skoda 2.0 TDI 150PS Style

Karoq Skoda 2.0 TDI 150PS Style

Let's start by analyzing its imposing front. this comes dominated by the grid feature double vertical bars Skoda, this time in black, giving this a more aggressive look. At each end of the grill and only separated by a small chrome strip, are two separate Full LED headlights technology. As we saw in the Kodiaq, right at the bottom of the headlamps are created ornas smaller openings that accommodate foglights.

A very attractive and muscular aesthetic

Finalizing the bottom find a bumper with a design that has a large opening for the engine cooling. Of course all this comes immense front chaired by the brand logo on the gate of the hood. 

Turning to the side view, we found a line extending from the end headlamp to match the rear, thus providing much muscle as a whole. Some wide wheel arches coated with a black line-a plastic coating which serves as a defense- that envelops the entire car by its lower area, they leave us with a very attractive sideline. 

The rear properly exercised its goal of accentuate its width dimension. Characterized by horizontal lines, which delimit from the rear window to the lower bumper, passing through an intermediate zone where we find headlights with LED technology. these are designed as C, Classic Skoda, giving the feeling of wrapping the area reversing lights and flashes. 

Full front riders Led by small antinieblas

Let's look and see what they tell us their numbers and check if it is so like his brother, Ateca Seat. He Karoq It has a total length of 4.382mm, height 1.603mm, width 1.841mm and a battle of 2.630mm. This makes higher 2mm, 19mm longer, identical in width and shorter than a Ateca 8mm battle. Its measures are virtually identical, but the Czech is minimally more compact than the Spanish.

And now inside

Care interior design highlighted by a center console divided into 3 vertical levels, where at the top is presiding over the assembly great touch screen with gesture control (Only available for the Columbus system), this is marketed with 3 different components, where 2 of them are navigation systems. First, find the Bolero, which gives the interior a nice set of aesthetic design a conservatory. This may be accompanied by two different navigation systems. first system called Amundsen I is incorporated in an 8-inch screen. And one second system called Columbus increasing its size until 9.2 inch

As I mentioned above, the gestural control function, you can incorporate only the Infotainment system Columbus. This works by detecting through a camera movements hands that makes the driver against this system. Giving us the possibility of navigating the same menu plus functions such as volume control or order a change song

An interior manufactured with quality materials sublime

Continuing to an intermediate level of the center console, are the Air conditioner with function Care, able to adjust the climate control with dual zone car and technology, and this utility, its main feature is to clean the air inside the passenger compartment. In the situation of the console incorporating this area, we also find the buttons that activate the heated seats. Both the Air Care utility as the heated seats found in the catalog of extras. 

At the third level we find the shifter, manual or automatic (We'll talk more specifically below them) and located between this and control air, we find a small gap slide, where we can choose to mount a wireless mobile charger.

The Skoda Karoq out significantly from competition with outstanding quality finishes

In the instrument panel must mention the addition to the range of Skoda from the famous virtual screen that replaces the analog gauges. He Karoq will be the first model of the Czech brand to incorporate this system, adding behind the wheel. This screen has 4 types of different configurations to combine taste and need driver:

  • Classical architecture: It presents the rev counter and speedometer in round shape leaving the central space can individually set, for example, projecting a small map or GPS car consumption information in real time.
  • extended configuration: A main screen covers all of it, and in which, for example, can put the GPS map to large. 
  • Modern architecture: A large, centered image shows the map GPS to a more than considerable size. Sharing the screen space, right and left, find holes to display personalized information such as speed, rpm, navigation screen with pictograms, traffic sign recognition, etc ...
  • Basic configuration: Two big screens show the selected information, such as speed and range or speed. Each space is fully customizable.

He Skoda Karoq He is the twin brother of Ateca Seat

The interior roominess could classify it as a really good front seats hug their exceptionally passengers. With legroom and head in the rear. To the rear seats have the option of incorporating the VarioFlex system. This system will come as an option for finishing Ambition and Style, with an extra 340 €. With it, the ability of trunk increases to 588 liters. We will also have a higher level of versatility when folding the rear seats in a ratio of 40:20:40. We also give you the opportunity to rest them up to 13º, to improve comfort or to increase luggage capacity. The three seats will be able to be removed completely, thereby increasing the luggage compartment to the 1810 liters. Without VarioFlex system boot capabilities will be slightly reduced to 521 liters with the seats in normal position and 1,630 liters once plegamos seats.

We can not end this section without mentioning two things: The large number of storage spaces inside. Countless turn on when we stop to review them, there really are many. And the second thing to note is the large panoramic sunroof, which runs through the surface thereof, from almost the front window to the rear, giving the interior a feeling of freedom and impressive brightness. 

The option VarioFlex seats are highly recommended for purchase 

Skoda finishes for Karoq

For him Karoq, the brand offers two types of finishes: a basic one called Ambition and an upper called style. Both are really well equipped as standard, in addition to having an extensive list of extras with which to improve our experience with the vehicle. Let's meet two finishes:

A really comfortable and enveloping seats up

He Ambition finish It is characterized by offering as standard a number of equipment, among which we highlight the following: Daylight LED technology both front and rear lights, 17 inch wheels, small leather package steering wheel and shift knob, rear parking sensors, camera reversing Infotainment system Bolero (8-inch), heated mirrors and electronic adjustment Light Assistant. The latter helps control car lighting functions such as lighting around the car to enter or exit visibility, and automatic switching of lights when the system it deems necessary due to lack of light. 

He Style finish It is the top model, and gives the car the same equipment as the basic finishing Ambition, only adding a few more, as it could be: 18-inch wheels, chrome exterior package, Full LED headlights AFS technology (front lighting adapts to different driving situations by altering the shape of the light beam) Amundsen browser (8-inch), virtual pedal for opening the tailgate and parking sensors, both front and back. 

As we can see the Karoq highlighted by a large standard on both finishes. Its range of extras can not catalog it short, because it can find additional equipment such as seats and heated steering wheel, rear seats VarioFlex, 19 inch wheels, panoramic sunroof, Infotainment system Columbus with 9.2-inch touch screen or the famous Digital instrument panel, This still is not available, we will have to wait for 2017 later this year or early 2018.

Classical design grille with purely Skoda

The powertrains of Skoda Karoq

Currently, we find a total of 4 engines available in its catalog, two petrol and two diesel. Starting with the petrol, we as access model, propeller 1.0-liter three-cylinder TSI delivering a power of 115 hp and maximum torque of 200 NM. This may be equipped with a manual gearbox 6-speed automatic or DSG 7 relationships. For this engine we can not choose to incorporate the drive 4 wheels. 

At the highest echelon of the petrol range will find the 1.5 TSI engine with 150 hp and maximum torque of 250 NM delivered between 1,500 and 3,500 revolutions. has the ACT technology (Active Cylinder Technology), which disconnects 2 of the 4 cylinders when the system understands that we do not need the full potential of the engine, for example, on long motorway journeys with a continuous speed. Thanks to this system we can save a total of 0.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. This is activated when we make a engine speed between 1,250 and 4,000 rpm, 25 to 100 NM torque and speeds up to 130 km / h. With this engine we can incorporate front- or full, and the 6-speed manual transmission or DSG 7. 

The brand is committed to the engine 1.5 TSI 150 hp and automatic transmission DSG 7 relations

For paragraph diesel, also we found two identical power options siblings gasoline. In the first step are the 1.6 TDI with a power of 115 hp and maximum torque of 250 NM. Only to find this engine front wheel drive, but can equip with the manual gearbox 6 relationships and with automatic DSG. 

We can incorporate the rear seats VarioFlex system, which increases comfort and luggage capacity

As a climax, we have the engine 2.0 liters delivering 150 hp and 340 Nm of torque between 1,750 and 3,000 rpm. This engine integrates SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reaction) injecting a chemical called urea in the exhaust system, causing a chemical reaction that removes nitrogen oxides harmful exhaust. This engine may be equipped with 4x4 traction or front, as well as manual 6-relationships or 7-speed automatic DSG.

Prices and availability 

If you want to know all the prices that you can buy this model, my partner Antonio He has created a great guide with which we can see all finishes, extras and engines that will be incorporated into the Karoq

A really good driving position

Skoda Karoq, driving test

We started the day of testing landing on the airport runway of Palermo, capital of the Italian island of Sicily city. There we perform the distribution of vehicles. With the keys to my saddle I head for the parking, after a few technical explanations by operating brand, get direction south of the island where the meeting point was located. 

The unit in question was a Skoda Karoq Quartz Gray Metallic, which it has an extra cost of 535 €, but I feel really good this SUV. Under the hood, keep 2.0 TDI engine, caha manual transmission 6 speed and traction to the 4 wheels. The finish incorporating this car was the highest, the so-called style

Once you sit at the helm, calls attention the high level of quality achieved with this model, in Skoda They have evolved considerably in this regard, offering now a truly outstanding quality. Very pleasant to touch materials, such as leather steering wheel and gear knob changes the fabric of their seats or their plastic padding.

If we incorporate the VarioFlex system, the boot capacity increases to 588 liters

We set off but even if we like it and we know that comparisons are odious, in this case, also mandatory, and subconsciously We begin to compare this car with his brother, Ateca Seat. And is that, despite their resemblance, are cars They feel really different. The Karoq is designed for a very different kind of customers. It feels much softer and smoother than Seat, besides not having the assurance that if you have the Ateca when facing a stretch of curves. 

Of course, this does not make it worse Karoq, far from it. We could define it as other purchase, but never less recommended. Czech It stands out for its good work in making the whole car, and quality of materials, quality, unfortunately, in the Ateca is reduced.

He Karoq you feel realmente comfortable for long journeys, soft in their damping. Bad roads of the Italian island, full of potholes, are hardly noticeable in this SUV, and I can assure you, it is something we appreciate handsomely. We are driving on the driving mode Normal, It is right for a road like this, because becomes superlative comfort without sacrificing accuracy in their direction, dynamic agility and sensitivity in the accelerator pedal. But as I said earlier, this car is not the most optimal to face a winding road curves at a high rate as balancing your body will become increasingly evident. It is a car to go quiet, enjoying the route and with a sporty character imperceptible.

The large 9.2-inch screen is simply spectacular, both in visibility and fluency

He 1.6 TDI engine 150 hp noticed very much alive, is very strong. It is a propeller reacts quite well at low revs and long marches, but yes, as long as we have passed the threshold of 1,500 rpm, from here the car moves like a fish in water

insert the driving modeSport expecting some sort of change with respect to its cornering stability. almost imperceptible. Again I put in Normal mode and go my way. Overtaking perform occasional to test the capabilities of this TDI, and as expected, does not disappoint and acts as it should. The manual gearbox is something that would set aside when purchasing a car of this type, it is abrupt, has a very long journey and conveys little. It is not a recommended option, especially since the DSGit is truly wonderful.

It's time for my partner, we switched seats and settle in copilot's seat, a fact that gives rise to me further test the Infotainment system incorporating our Karoq. Its about systemColumbus, the highest level, is that this screen looks really good, besides having a fluidity that more would many current phones. 

The large panoramic roof provides excellent brightness

We arrived at the rendezvous point, where once we fill the stomach, we got back on track for the path we had chosen to do. We took the guided by GPS road and reach a beach where we could quickly portray this car, we had little time, so just after the road came back to return the car, thus concluding the first contact with the Skoda Karoq.

The next day, we started early, at 8 am and we were off again towards the Palermo airport for our return to Spain. In the route Elementary motorway driving, but also we would roll back roads. And in order to properly compare the TDI engine had tried the day before, he played get behind the wheel of the engine in which more hopes deposited brand in terms of sales, 150 hp 1.5 TSI with DSG, completely contrary to the first day. 

We went out on route to Palermo. The first thing that surfaced in this engine is a joy and energy far exceeds the TDI, It has a good climb speed with which this car feels really comfortable. 

Its imposing aesthetic, fall in love many

DSG is the most advisable when buying this car. It is truly wonderful, and once put to test both transmissions, the only conclusion we can reach is that the manual transmission is declining at a rapid pace. The DSG is clearly superior against a clear decay manual. 

We take the highway, and I can finally test this Karoq on other roads. Continue the march and insert the driving mode ECO, In this mode the car set parameters to reinforce the minimum fuel consumption and running. The marches are shortened, the automatic transmission is performed at low revs

Thus driving carries the called candle effect, which, once we lifted off the throttle, speed remain stable for a short time, thus saving a lot of fuel.

The ACT system disconnects 2 of the 4 cylinders, thus saving a lot of gas

This engine has the ACT technology (Active Cylinder Technology) with which keeping the gas throttle tip and keeping the car at a continuous speed, this system will disable two of the four cylinders. Through this mechanism, the brand ensures that we can save up to half a liter of fuel per 100 km. Unfortunately, the path is not so long and I have to try more things. I keep this way for about 20km and results in a average consumption of 5.9 liters per 100km, bad case of an engine of this caliber and with this power level.  

On the same stretch of highway I test the effectiveness of Lane Assistant system. East It shows slightly intrusive in some corners, but suffers from being overly uncomfortable. Even leaving the wheel to move to self-understanding, this He leads us quite rightly by rail due if I have to confront a complicated curves. 

Curves begin, change to Spor modet. The 1.5 TSI Karoq and respond with joy, we might even venture to say that with this engine we can have a slight feeling of driving fun. The sequential shift, using paddles behind the steering wheel responds really well. Touch and change, is perceived quickly, alive. As a suggestion after this kind of experience: You should not look at the consumption of the car, because this is quite increased. 

The Karoq be equipped wheels 17 to 19 inches

I arrived at our end of the route, turn off the engine Karoq and I handed the keys to one of those responsible for Skoda. With a good taste I leave which it has been my traveling companion for a few hours.


He Skoda KaroqIt has been a clear and safe bet for the Czech brand. A vehicle with amazing quality finishes and smooth running very good, besides incorporating tech industry, a clear success because many buyers like to be the latest in technology. In the Karoq you will find it. 

The brand has a sales plans in which their high hopes are placed for the 1.5 TSI engine 150 hp DSG wheel drive 4-wheel and high equipment. We can not agree more with the Czechs. The 1.5 TSI It is the one that I liked under normal driving conditions, in addition to responding really well to winding roads. Skoda has opted for this combination, and here a server supports it as a safe bet. 

The Karoq car seemed to us really excellent

If you are interested in trying a Karoq, the brand offers stakeholders the call Karavanaq. This is a model fleet that will cover the various concessions in our country, giving people the chance to test the car before it goes public sale. You can book your Karoq through

Skoda has done their homework. He has shown the world a C-segment SUV that will stand out and will surely become a new selling for the Czech brand. It's a car that we can hardly make problems. Only highlight as improved its cornering, but we can consider it a drawback as such, simply adapt to another type of driving, a quieter. Y Ateca Seat front, does not win but not lose, we can define it as separate purchases and for people with different types of driving. Both good are good options.

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  • Good quality materials
  • relaxed driving
  • Very attractive design

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  • very soft cushion for when cornering

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