2017 Opel Mokka X test, intelligent balance

We tested the new Opel Mokka X, one of the major players in the segment of urban crossovers. Balance in all facets makes him one of the most interesting models in its category Do not miss our video !.

If there is a segment that is booming in Europe is the urban crossovers and one of the greatest exponents in this category is the Opel Mokka. The German model was launched in 2012 and have since been sold more than 600,000 units Worldwide. Such has been its success that GM's plant in Incheon (South Korea) could not cope and since 2014 also produced in the factory in Figueruelas (Zaragoza), where 160,000 units have already left.

Having reached the Ecuador of its commercial life, The Mokka has received a major update we could see first hand in their presentation. Enjoy numerous cosmetic changes on the outside and the inside, he has received more equipment and its range has been expanded with a new gasoline engine. Changes have even its name, becoming the Opel Mokka X.

The addiction name X we will see more todocaminos of the German mark to emphasize the crossover nature of these models, the Mokka being the first to release this distinguishing feature. The next on the list will be the future SUV Opel Opel Grandland Crossland X and X, which will arrive next year as part of the 7 models that Opel will present in 2017 year.

X surname emphasizes the crossover character of the German model

Increased quality and a strong personality

Outwardly, the new Mokka X 2017 differs from its predecessor quickly. Grille and bumper have a new design that provide a more robust image. Also new headlamps, which can be led with adaptive lighting (AFL Plus LED), and pilots also premiered LED technology. The range of body colors has been expanded with new colors Ruby red Y orange Amber.

Inside the changes they are even more evident. The dashboard is completely different and shows a much more modern, refined and elegant design. The feeling of quality is high, the best in the segment. precise adjustments, materials with good touch and pleasant to use controls are appreciated.

He IntelliLink multimedia system It belongs to the last generation and, of course, includes Opel OnStar services and 4G WiFi hotspot. It handles with a touch screen that works accurately. The picture quality is good even if the sun shines directly on the screen are seen too many reflections. It has also changed the dashboard, which it highlights a new multifunction display much more current and can be in color.

The Mokka brightest X offers intelligent adaptive headlights AFL LED Plus 30% than halogen headlights

The restyling of the Mokka has also served to improve Opel Eye. This system uses a front camera on the windshield, now with higher resolution, which allows switching between long and short lights, serves the assistant traffic sign recognition or active frontal collision alert.

Also new are the ergonomic seats with AGR (the hallmark of a major German association of physicians and physical therapists) certification. They are really comfortable and offer numerous adjustment possibilities highlighting the extensible base and electrically adjustable lumbar support.

Mokka X is the largest category with a length of 4.27 m. Thanks to that the interior comfort is noteworthy, especially in front. Behind two adults up to 1.85 m in height also they enjoy plenty of space. Center rear is intended for occasional use, it has a different design and is significantly more cumbersome than the ends.

For interior quality, the Opel crossover is among the best in the segment

Despite its size, the trunk is not particularly large with 356 liters capacity. The space is very profitable for their regular shapes and the double bottom is offered, maximizing cargo volume if we leave aside puncture kit and the integrated FlexFix bicycle carrier. The split rear seat in a 60/40 empowers expand capacity to a remarkable 1,372 liters.

Three very complete finished

The Opel Mokka X shown with three trim levels available: Selective Excellence and Color Edition. From the most basic elements such as roof rails, front fog lights, electric and heated exterior mirrors, multifunction leather steering wheel, front and rear power windows, air conditioning, radio IntelliLink 4.0 with color touch screen 7-inch wheels are offered 17 inch alloy.

Photo 1 - Photos Opel Mokka X 2017Photo 2 - Photos Opel Mokka X 2017Photo 3 - Photos Opel Mokka X 2017Photo 4 - Photos Opel Mokka X 2017

Opel Mokka Photos X 2017

The mechanical range of the new German crossover consists of two gasoline engines, diesel and LPG mechanical. Found a 1.4 gasoline Turbo with 140 hp, block also has a variant that can run on LPG. a new gasoline engine also 1.4 but with 156 hp that is linked exclusively with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive is added.

Finally there is the diesel 1.6 CDTI 136 hp which is expected to focus greater sales volume, around 40% of the total. This diesel version It is a good choice because it has plenty of power to deliver a correct performance and fuel consumption it is content. During the presentation it obtained this mechanical consumption around 5.5 - 6.0 l / 100 km.

Connectivity is one of the strengths of the Mokka X

The driving position is high and has good visibility in all directions. Overall the Mokka is very pleasant to drive and shows aplomb. The suspension shows strong tared which results in greater agility. Subtracts a little bit of comfort but not dry even bounces a little more desirable.

The direction of the B-SUV Opel is not very communicative but has a level of assistance successful. Further, manual six-speed gearbox is very precise and satisfactory. Optionally there is an automatic transmission with torque converter and the same number of relationships.

Some versions can carry a system intelligent AWD, which increases the versatility of the German model. This system transmits power to the front axle under normal conditions but when there is a lack of adherence can split the pair up to 50% on each axis. The Mokka X defends off-road tracks in simple but It is not adequate to overcome great obstacles by levels nor ground clearance.

The traction system of Mokka X distributes power between the front and rear from 100: 0 to 50:50

The Opel Mokka X is now available in Spanish dealers from 21,837 euros, but Opel offers numerous discounts that reduce the rate to 19,506 euros. In addition, until the end of the year there is a promotion that allows gain one of the best models in the segment for 16,900 euros, which represents a price / product really interesting relationship.

Expert Reviews

We liked more

  • Very complete equipment
  • Quality finishes
  • interior roominess

We liked least

  • Loading space something right
  • Only a mechanical diesel available
  • Limited offroad capabilities

Note: 7.9