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Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor test BlueHDi 120

And the renewed Patriot (manufactured in Vigo) Peugeot Partner 2015 is here. We went to the presentation to learn what new features it includes are and to test the most versatile variant of all, the Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor BlueHDi 120.

We all thought MPVs and units
Family members are the most versatile units on the market. However there exists a
small number of models that fail to meet the same expectations and
even overcome them. This is the case of the Peugeot Partner Tepee, a
combination of versatility, roominess and practicality that has little or nothing
to do with those hoary commercial vehicles all follow

Tepee own image for although it is true that does not change too much with normal Partner

The first time we saw a mixture so it was in 1996, when
in which Peugeot created a new market segment, the vehicle
industrial processed in minivans. Today the Tepee remains
a reference model in the industry
, accumulating 15.3% of sales.

Aesthetically are few differences that separate
Tepee from other industrial designs, but for having any.
Obviously the main is the increased presence of glazed surfaces. The
Typical vans metal sheets are replaced by crystals
, being
rear windows compass type. Another difference lies in the bars
ceiling, ideal for equipping a slide.

Photo 1 - Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor TestPhoto 2 - Test Peugeot Partner Tepee OutdoorPhoto 3 - Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor TestPhoto 4 - Test Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor

Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor test

The back is the most distinctive part of the unit
mixed. The double gate is replaced by a typical gate monovolumen, a
Truthfully large gate. This opens vertically and can incorporate
taillights completely different units to fully
industrial. The gate turn has two different systems of opening,
can open only the glass surface or everything.

The test unit was the Tepee Outdoor. this comes
accompanied by differentiating different aesthetic elements, such as
bumpers, sills and door protection painted in black,
including a small shield on the front rather it acts as a
design than anything else. For this new generation Tepee launches a range of
wider color
with the addition of gray and gray Moka Artense.
In addition, new 16-inch wheels are available in the offer.

The outdoor version is marked by higher based equipment

If we go into the Tepee first thing we perceive is
an industrial touch, but more adapted for civilian use. The presence of
Plastic is plentiful but They all have a good touch and a good
feeling of durability and manufacturing
. These plastics are necessary since
that the life of the Tepee can become very hard. doing work
Industrial weekdays and acting as family car the rest

Despite that worker touch the new Tepee is capable of
offer the same solutions than any other tourism. Above all
It highlights the seven-inch touch screen on top of
. This is home to many devices, from typical driving
radio and navigation, to the total control of our phones
MirrorLink mobile thanks to Peugeot technology, which even allows
download applications compatible with Android and iOS.

However this is not the only technology that has been
implemented. The full range of the Peugeot Partner He has suffered a
transformation in terms of technological systems
, as I told you in the first part of the presentation. Now this allows the inclusion of equipment
typical passenger car such as cruise control, parking sensors,
rear view camera, and the newest Active City Brake system.

The helm station is not the most sophisticated in the world, but do not need any more to drive

With him able to reduce the number and severity of
Typical collisions city. If we drive below 30 km / h a team
cameras and lasers will detect everything that is in front of the car
. In
If this detects a danger alert the driver acting alone
account if it detects that this does not make any evasive maneuver, reaching
even stop.


I have already spoken of mechanical variants included
in the new range of Partner. The Tepee does not vary greatly but these
It is including more powerful variants. In the petrol units are two
versions 1.6 VTi 98 and 120 CV
, both associated with a manual
five speeds. Below 1.2 PureTech engine 110 hp will be introduced.

In the diesel range we are a single block, the 1.6
BlueHDi, which can present three different powers: 75, 100 and 120
CV. In this case we find more changes since este block can improve your
if we add efficiency saving technologies like Start&Stop
and the box
Piloted manually six speeds. Normally we would see the associated Tepee
manual transmission or six-speed five.

Much tourism industry and some in the Partner Tepee

Industrial vans or minivans converted to
improve with every generation that occurs. These include equipment
mechanics that increase the usability. In this case I can not
omit the fact that both as Partner Tepee have the possibility of
include a version with AWD
. Although this may be
essential in specific situations also may dismiss this traction
opt for the so-called Grip Control. With this we can change the way
the power depending on the terrain that we tread is delivered. It is part of
list of extras, but it is a good indication of what we can reach
find the Partner and its variants.

Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor test 1.6 BlueHDi 120

It's time to stop and introduce the theory behind the Tepee
for your driving test. I have to say that all commercial vehicles
I've driven have always given me the taste of currante
. Aptos
for work but very far from what we can see in passenger use
conventional. Until now.

The first thing you realize when turning the
key Peugeot Partner Tepee It is calm, and comfort that this can
to release
. No vibrations, noises or mechanical hardnesses, these to
tourism board rather than industrial. This feeling grows
the first patent kilometers traveled. Softness of a typical
Minivan. Gear changes are made easily, without
complications or stridency, everything is very comfortable. A bolt from the blue.

This is when you start thinking about the real practicality
of these vehicles. I have much more space than normal tourism to
3,000 liters, but I do not lose even one iota of comfort. 1.6 engine BlueHDi
120 yields just like the other models that incorporate
. presents
the perfect combination of pushing and consumption. Peugeot says the Tepee
120 hp with S&S is able to approve a mixed output of 4.4 liters per 100
kilometers. An excellent thing and all this without exceeding the 1,539
kilograms may weigh. I repeat that the engine behaves
in an excellent manner, sober but with energetic attitude, and especially soft,
very soft.

With a capacity above average, the Tepee wasted cargo space

To achieve this we must give thanks to the suspension. It has
due be an easy job to combine the typical rigidity of vehicles
industrial and smoothness of passenger cars, but recognize that they have
accomplished. Potholes, speed bumps and other road imperfections are
a suspension that can sin soft, especially
cornering where more oscillations body is noticeable, but nothing
unusual, many ordinary cars behave the same way.


To summarize, we must recognize the excellent work
by Peugeot in developing new Partner Tepee and
. You could imagine
with the appearance of Industrial it can be rough, uncomfortable and tatty,
Nothing could be further from the truth. So good that can be seen as a
problem for traditional MPVs, although considering the
main reason for purchase is the aesthetics, I do not think so.

However once again I emphasize comfort,
versatility, and good overall result. The BlueHDi engine with 120 hp
six-speed manual gearbox can be the perfect combination. Yes
we consider that its starting price of 25,870 euros is
(19,747 without
taxes) can be a good alternative for those seeking a
strange yet practical combination.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Partner Tepee MPV can be a good choice