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Test Mazda CX-5 2017 to customer orders

And they are two generations. Mazda renews its most successful model in the old continent. A job taken with caution is based on updating and improving what we already knew. I have already tested the Mazda CX-5 2017 and this is what I found.

After his first appearance, the CX-5 launches second generation with a new image

Mazda is the clear evidence that there is to be first in something to succeed. And do not go with the flow means being wrong. Time has proved right this Japanese brand so admired and loved. Their ovens have left large models throughout history. Past few years have focused on SUVs, and today the renewal of the most successful of them comes to us; he Mazda CX-5 2017 have already had occasion to taste.

This is the second generation of best-selling SUV Mazda in the old continent, although many may be confused with a deep restyling. The truth is that it does not matter that it does not matter, because what they have done is take what we already had and improve it. You may think you already see that difficult, but the truth is that when your product was already good, improve it without spoiling it is not as simple as it seems.

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Presentation Mazda CX-May 2017

The KODO design has become more than a slogan life, more than just a design philosophy. It has become the basis of all that creates Mazda. When the Mazda CX-5 made an appearance for the first time in its history premiered this concept we is usual. Over time the other models of the house has been adapted to it, but now there has become the first one updates it, because that privilege belongs to his younger brother, the Mazda CX-3.

Not that it matters much, because it receives and fits like a glove. Last model already managed to attract many customers for their image, and the new have no doubt that call more attention. Aesthetically speaking, the new CX-5 enters the eye. A more aggressive and stylized front which would highlight a few small headlights. Moreover, the new is more like the prototype he was born, the Mazda Minagi Concept, the old. Something that is rare. I must admit that I like, and Soul Red is the color, looks the same as the signature star: the Mazda MX-5.

They include such small headlights, front and rear

Beyond the front hard to find big changes. Generally speaking we are facing the same car to the rear pillar. By the way, this part also gets a slight facelift with the addition of new headlamps, which in turn forced to change the tailgate and bumper. It is a more refined style than last, but we still clearly remembers him. To complete the outer transformation must add chrome features and new sets of wheels up to 19 inches.

Closed doors spends three quarters of the same. They are not radical changes, but found significant changes with respect to the first generation. In fact It gives the feeling of having more quality, thanks to a renewed and better integrated materials by elements. This effect is mainly achieved with the dash display. Inserted before not very showy way, now dominates the top of the console with a floating effect. Yes, fit improve certain areas where adjustments are not all good that would fit to expect.

So far I have not mentioned, but the Mazda CX-5 hardly changes its external action. However they have been managed to have the feeling that a wider and spacious interior. I repeat that it is a feeling, because with the meter in hand there is no difference. Five passengers can travel comfortably, like the belongings of these, thanks to a load capacity of 506 liters at least 1,620 maximum. Just a three-liter growth earned in the double bottom.

Correct interior remodeling, best materials and technology

If something has always liked the CX-5 is for its technology. We usually talk about the German advances, or the degree of equipment of these. But Mazda has incorporated into its culture lot of systems from the starting point. In the renewed SUV there are three possible levels of equipment: Origin, Evolution and Zenith, and two special packages called: Zenith Zenith Black and White including a different aesthetic touch of his brothers.

The equipment-price ratio, the more interesting finish is the Evolution. In this intermediate point we can have as standard elements such as Head-Up Display, the rear parking camera, detector dead angle, alert rear traffic and the aforementioned dashboard display with seven inches and bizone and cruise control. If we want more we have the Zenith finish where we will add details such as Full LED headlights, browser, electric gate, keyless access and BOSE sound system.

The new CX-5 enjoys the latest advances in security, which include the presence of i-ACTIVSENSE 

In mechanical range it will consist of two petrol engines and one diesel will be able to show a total of four different powers. The famous SKYACTIV engines are present, and at least 150 horsepower be arranged for diesel version 2.2 liter. The maximum value is fixed by the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 194 variant horses, which incidentally will always associated with an automatic six-speed gear and the wheel drive. It will be particularly interesting because it is a newly developed engine with cylinder deactivation system.

And it as normal will see the CX-5 2017 a manual six-speed gearbox and wheel drive to the front axle. But Mazda has also prepared six relations automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, no locks difference. If we add the possible combinations of mechanical and finished, we have a total of 29 different units CX-5.

The SKYACTIV engines show that downsizing is not necessary to save

As I say is a balanced range and will adjust to all types of customers. The starting price of the Mazda CX-5 2017 stands at 27,270 euros. This is the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 165 hp version with manual transmission, front-wheel drive and Origin finish. On the contrary, on the other side of the scale, the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 175 hp unit stands with automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and Zenith White finish. Its price is 42,280 euros. 

Test Mazda CX-May 2017

Mazda is the only manufacturer that has not reduced the size of their engines. Its SKYACTIV technology has made us all pose the requirement of low cylinder capacity for low consumption. Not so, and the CX-5 is a clear example of this. And I say this because If anything is thought the new Mazda selling is to be thrifty and efficient, without forgetting the important value of comfort. Possibly the greatest benefit of the car over its predecessor. 

As you've already made up my mind the new CX-5 gives priority to the savings and comfort above all other qualities. I fully understand why this decision and configuration. It is demanded by the public and if an SUV is what you want, this is what you'll find in 95% of cases. If I think the most direct rival of the CX-5 will quickly say that without a doubt is a German; the Volkswagen Tiguan.

clear and simple information through a mixing box analog with digital

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, in Japanese design clearly wins, as the German technology are more evenly matched, just as is space, roominess and comfort. As for his behavior both are very similar. Both are designed for a quiet and smooth driving. And finally if you look at prices, not that much difference, slightly cheaper the CX-5.

But I will not go over the branches. During the national presentation I had the opportunity to prove that a priori are presented as selling versions. On the one hand the diesel SKYACTIV-D 2.2 4WD 150 hp, and secondly the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 gasoline 2WD 165 hp. I find it hard decantarme by one, because they both have good arguments and some other hits. But if you think I start it gasoline.

As they did the Mazda6 and Mazda3, the new CX-5 has the technology G-Vectoring Control for better cornering

Spain is a country of diesel, but surprisingly the public increasingly rejects more to be considered dirty. In the case of Mazda I, like many colleagues, we have praised blocks gasoline great performance, smoothness and fuel economy. On this occasion I do it again attracted a very good result that will make you Plantées the need to buy one of those dirty diesel both are gaining attention.

In favor of the petrol version, I find the smooth running, touch and low consumption, increasingly tighter the difference with diesel. However this time 165 horses tested model I have fancied a little decaffeinated. Understood that with such power a car of this nature should walk more than enough, but no. On the scale is 1,380 kilograms. A low figure for a car of this size, so that's not the problem.

Its smooth running not conducive to running, comfort rather than performance, which is ideal for this type of car

The problem comes from the engine and transmission. We obtain the maximum power at 6,000 rpm, and maximum torque of 210 Nm at 4000 rpm. It is a very high spin rate, and outside force is scarce. Too. This will force gradually reduce steadily. Shame about the relationship so long change, but yes, the third is valid for almost any time. It is endemic not only out to reduce the CX-5 is throughout the industry. Yes, something good has. Along the route, over 100 kilometers, with a lot of rise and revolt road, the average consumption was set at 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers. I should not wonder that more efficient driving could even lose official brand consumption, 6.4 liters. Excellent data.

Meanwhile diesel is presented saver, but also with more grip. In this case the horse 150 itself that are evident. The balance between performance and consumption is more than achieved in the previous case. In addition, the test unit incorporating automatic six-speed gearbox, which at first I thought it could weigh driving, but at all. It is very well adjusted and although these are not the fastest box world, the truth is that is not lazy or increases or reductions. A bet to consider and I really would rate as an option when buy a CX-5.

If we talk about similarities in each other, repeat the high comfort of both units. Is impressive ride quality of a car although considered premium, not fight with these prices. It has nothing to envy its German rivals, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA type. Believe me, nothing. Pure comfort and a high degree of internal insulation. Really I'm still surprised by it. Either by Mazda, which has known how to read customer requests.

Behind the wheel they pick exceptional seats, very comfortable and cushy

On the other hand I have a paste to put both units; the direction. I have no objection against the soft directions, but one thing is that and another is passed attendance. The CX-May 2017 the ultimate sin. In town, or a sedate pace, not a problem, but as the speed increases or decrease the angle of the curve, the problem is noticeable. I miss a tightening direction depending on the speed. The driver only receives information from the wheels and at times can create some uncertainty. 


Overall, the CX-5 has evolved very well. Aesthetically it is an attractive car. Closed doors reveals a remarkable change in technology and refinement, although some plastics and adjustments should be greatly improved if we really Mazda intends to attack the highest levels of the segment, ie the Germans. To all this there is also a large space and a more than generous roominess, comfort and above all that it can be equated with the most premium models.

As for behavior no doubt that Mazda has decided to prioritize quality and saving rolling over any other details. The differences between diesel and gasoline are obvious. Each has its strengths. In this case I'd bet on the SKYACTIV-D 150 hp for its best answer. Yes, both are guilty of an overly soft direction. So it would not surprise me that the CX-5 remained 40% of Mazda sales in Spain. It is a model that necessarily have to look if we want to buy us a C-segment SUV there life beyond European territory.

Things are going to go very well to the CX-5, a very clear and sensible bet for the segment

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