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Test Fiat Tipo 5 door, Sobrado all

Type range continues to grow. The historical name of the Italian house back to life stronger than ever. Three different but with the same concept models. This time we had the opportunity to try the Fiat Tipo 5 doors.

An elegant and well-finished look. Stylish. Italian style

Fiat wants to strengthen its model range beyond the 500 family wants to retrieve a range that gave long ago abandoned the compact sedans. To achieve this a few months ago he debuted the Fiat Tipo. A saloon that although recovering an old denomination, introduced many changes and advances. A new range of models is here and we have had occasion try the Fiat Type 5 Doors.

The new type has been conceived from the beginning as a compact sedan. It already had the opportunity to try a few months ago. Unlike rivals who first developed the compact and then the sedan version, Fiat has decided to take really advantage of the range should do the opposite. And that is why we see a five-door version of the sedan as such.

Ahead is even difficult to differentiate. You have to tread carefully to find differences, but there are. The principal of all, and arguably the only one of all, is in the fog. While the sedan employs rectangular and elongated light, compact optical body employs round, bordered by a small light chrome improving the presence and brings a touch of elegance.

Its measures contained accommodate much interior space

If we move forward on the body we find more changes, which makes sense otherwise. Everything is equal to the pillar C. In fact all four doors are exactly the same as the sedan. However, and to give this compact touch, designers have extended roofline later trailed off more prominently and with a slightly shorter overhang. In fact the compact is 19 centimeters shorter this cut.

Admittedly the guy has left them nice Italians. Transalpine characteristic touch of design for a saloon, a range actually not seeking to be pretentious. Is the clear example that an adjusted product does not have to be economically ugly. However the compact, and Fiat type SW, lose the characteristic taillights saloon. A concession that has been made so that it remains the backbone of the range.

Fiat designers have worked for the Type 5 doors have an aerodynamic coefficient of 0,29

And inside we find more of the same. Same appearance but details changed. Interestingly Italians have own dashboard designed for saloon and one for the compact. A nice touch is the truth. Cars may share many parts, but need not be equal. All is practically the same, except the dashboard display, instead of being integrated and the hatchback is air. It shows the same technology and the same functionality, except in the case of compact and family size can reach seven inches.

The dashboard is different from his brother sedan, but everything else is equal

As I said before and as I said at the time, the Fiat Tipo is intended to be an economical car for a clientele that does not look much fanfare. It is the typical car you want and are looking for people, and we must recognize that Fiat has managed to reward them with a saloon, a compact and very competitive family. very competitive prices but with a very good equipment (given the price).

Inside the family type we found nothing extraordinary, but also we need anything. It has everything a person may need when driving. Elements such as the browser, the digital display, climate control, LED daytime running lights, multifunction steering wheel, browser, cruise control, infotainment equipment ... All that we have, but of course, if we want it all, all we have to go to higher levels of equipment. There are four at present: Easy, Lounge, Opening Edition, Opening Edition Plus. The latter two are temporary.

Do you remember earlier when I said that the compact sedan derived? It may seem silly, but the truth is that the benefits are many. The Small / Wide platform Fiat can get a small external dimensions, but Thanks to its long wheelbase favors interior space. Fiat has thought of family type as a range of rational, practical, simple and economic models. And it shows in the habitability remains excellent when compared with other rivals.

The best segment for space for the second row of seats

The truth is that there is plenty of room everywhere. While we seem to be traveling in a compact 4.35 meters long. Five occupants can travel quite comfortably, even if the distance is too long should be left no more than four. This happens in the Fiat Tipo 5 doors and all, so there is no reason to be alarmed. Where they do not be alarmed, but for good eye, it is in the trunk. Impressive 440 liters. To give you an idea, Opel Astra, the same external dimensions, has 70 liters less luggage capacity. In fact, the type is the best segment in this regard.

So after analyzing everything that has to do with design, technology and livability of Fiat Tipo 5 doors, it's time to test it. First of all review a range of engines for the time shown quite short. It is the same as that of his brother four-door, and it employs the familiar version. Powers will leave the 95 hp 1.3 Multijet diesel and gasoline engines 1.4 and may reach a maximum of 120 bhp 1.6 Multijet diesel. In all cases the changes are manual with five or six speeds. The automatic transmission is already developed, but until the end of the year will not come into play. So we'll have to wait.

Test Type 5 Doors Fiat 1.6 Multijet 120 bhp

As already said, the mechanical range of the compact body is formed by the same units as the sedan. All blocks are newly manufactured. And all seek a compromise halfway between performance and consumption. Regulations increasingly adjusted their behavior, but we must know that Fiat has done a great job. Having proved the most potent of all mechanical version, satisfaction is complete, because I have to say that 1.6 Multijet block, in its version of 120 hp, is one of the best diesel engines in its category. Good behavior, refined and saver.

The real secret of good behavior is your change Type

The truth is that I had occasion to test this variant brother sedan 5-door Fiat Tipo in his day. And today, as then, I say It is an engine that fits like a glove to the car. So even seems sobrarle. There is no single vibration, even cold, and the noise level is relatively low, although the insulation of the cabin also helps. That is, it is quite refined to be a diesel. A good job.

But the joys do not end there, because the smooth ride a joy and a very good verve adds. Fiat knows manufacture engines, and in that Multijet proves to spare. Always responsiveness, and its 120 hp are more than correct for any situation, even traveling five people. And this is thanks partly to the gearbox.

The test unit mounted manual six-speed gearbox. Six speeds perfect they know how to make the maximum engine performance. Especially the third seems that the only motion as it has the ability to react even below 1,500 rpm, the power delivery stretching beyond 4,500 rpm motor. A great fit for relationships that really worth purchasing.

There are two screens. A five-inch that comes standard and another seven with higher image quality

And in general the type, whatever your version is more than enough of everything. Even in its dynamic behavior. Easily one could prejudge by its adjusted price, thinking thus not unfold well on a twisty road. But it goes. The chassis has been perfectly adjusted, allowing quick turns steering. And it is that, it seems that you have left over, you can do it all. See, also not get me wrong, it's not an Alfa Romeo 4C, but overall the car is an extraordinary type.

It really could not fault any when on the road or city. It is shown as capable of rolling through narrow streets as highways at legal speeds and even more. further It is a comfortable car, with plenty of room in all places far recoveco to leave bártulos, and technology beyond the really necessary to drive. And it is that the heads of Fiat and said when they had in mind the new Type: "What you need to drive but without fanfare." But of course some need more than others, but for ordinary mortals the type has everything what you may require, and more. As I've said before. Sobrado all.

Photo 1 - Fiat Tipo 5 doors and SWPhoto 2 - Fiat Tipo 5 doors and SWPhoto 3 - Fiat Tipo 5 doors and SWPhoto 4 - Fiat Tipo 5 doors and SW

Fiat Tipo 5 doors and SW

The only thing that left over is the price of retail. At the moment only known that the starting price of 5-door Fiat Tipo stands at 10,900 euros. I must say that this budget is the tightest finish all with air conditioning, UConnect 5-inch and 95 hp gasoline engine. Also included are a couple of thousand euros discount promotions, PIVE and financing plan. If we talk about diesel, the starting price is 13,000 euros with the same equipment and the same conditions.

Definitely. The range type is what Fiat needed a godsend. Italians have managed to hit the mark, and would not be surprising that customers respond accumulating a large number of orders. For those interested you should know that the 5-door Fiat Tipo not be available until mid-June. But you can already book their manufacture, which incidentally, is carried out in Turkey.

Type returns after years of absence with great force. A comprehensive and balanced range