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Subaru Forester XT test: Behavior, conclusions and valuation

We tested the Subaru Forester 2.0 XT, the most powerful version of the range of the Japanese SUV thanks to its petrol boxer engine turbo 240 hp. The propeller is linked to an automatic Lineartronic CVT Does the search for higher benefits will be eroded its off-road capabilities? Let's check it out.

I have had the opportunity to drive for a few days, a
Subaru Forester 2.0 XT. I admit that when I went to pick it going
I am speculating on what he could find me and the stage It was not very optimistic.
I explain. The Forester is one of the most interesting SUV market for their
good off-road capabilities, the best in this regard. a feature
much appreciated and has distanced himself from the proposals of other brands, more
concerned about the appearance that functionality.

But more versions "sports" (In quotation marks) of these models they tend to lose much of the capabilities Offroad they might have to try to favor their performance based road side, giving generously sized wheels and very firm suspensions. If Subaru take that
road with the Forester would be one more, lose differentiator which is his
great ability to move out of the asphalt.

Do not miss the pictures in detail Test Subaru Forester XT! 

The Forester has a sober and elegant design. The XT powerful features specific bumpers sports package,
alloy wheels 18 inches, xenon, dual exhaust outlet and
colored glass. A touch more aggressive feel very well, without
to lose elegance

Subaru Forester: Presentation .. Skillful and able 15 years later

Inside we enjoy the most complete equipment, the Executive
Plus, the only finish available for this release. We have leather upholstery,
heated front seats with electrical regulations, a large roof
solar, keyless entry, boot button, electric tailgate -of
very slow- drive
, Audio and navigation Harman / Kardon,
dual zone climate control, aluminum bottom bracket, rear camera ... not missing anything.

Forester ergonomics has been very careful

Time to get going and see what transmits its boxer engine
Turbocharger direct fuel injection with 2.0 liters and delivery
240 hp
. City and highway is all smooth, vibration. The
Sports feelings do not exist, power delivery is tremendously
and sinking the right pedal gain speed quickly without
we hardly realize.

Change is the type Lineartronic CVT. In not
We are very fond of the CVT boxes, to deceive, but we had a good
experience with this transmission after thoroughly test it in the Subaru Outback and
the Forester Turbo confirm the good feelings. You can simulate
Action traditional scheduled eight-speed change
which they are actuated with
paddles on the steering wheel, but it works so well in fully automatic mode
not worth hassle.

Lineartronic continuous variable transmission guarantees a progressive and smooth response

Decidedly the Forester Turbo is a car with a character
, like other versions. Circulating aplomb
high speeds is noteworthy. We can get more behavior
overwhelming Playing with the SI-Drive,
offering three driving modes that modify the engine response and
the broadcast

Willing to seek the tickling me turn to a road
revirada and select the dynamic configuration of SI-Drive, designated Sport
. The Lineartronic box ensures that power delivery is
A smooth, subtracting some spark
the behavior of the Forester. Where
be polished a little this change in the reductions CVT it is not as linear as
it would be desirable.

The SI-Drive has three driving modes are selected from the flywheel

Comfort is always evident even in this mode Sport
, but prodigiously the suspension works exceptionally. The
McPherson suspension and multilink behind- is front element Forester
What else caught my attention for its effectiveness. Its configuration is one of
the best in the segment: take turns with little rolling and the
while it is offering high comfort
. The low center of gravity thanks employment
engine with opposed cylinders contribute their bit.

The most striking comes when we left the asphalt because
there, in broken roads, the Forester is still extremely comfortable How is it
possible to achieve a very firm suspension curve and while it
comfortable for occupants? Subaru has the answer. Impeccable.

Wheel drive system Symmetrical AWD-box ensures traction

The mountain road is finished and continue along a path,
it's time to see if this version has declined more performance recognized
Forester virtues of off paved roads. Right away I notice that no
matter to go with 18-inch rims or sportier bumpers:
the Forester XT can get in and out of where most SUV can not.

Of course, the Japanese model is available
exclusively with effective Total symmetrical traction, sign of identity
Subaru. The ground clearance is 220 mm, the same as the rest of
versions. Do not change angles: 25º attack, 26º and 23º output
breakover angle is not bad for an SUV.

As good on the road and in the field

the Forester It has nonreducing but has the system
It is allowing move more safely and effectively by land
complicated. The system manages the engine, transmission and all-wheel drive
the brakes push of a button
. Furthermore, circulating downhill X-Mode
automatically activates the hill descent control and uphill
We enjoyed the hill start assistant (Hill Holder).

Road consumption is between 8.5 and 9 l / 100
If we do not worry too much about being efficient. It shows in the city
absence of Start / Stop and is easy to be around 12 l / 100 km. It is gastón but nothing
for an SUV gasoline this power, there is a toll
to pay with relief to see that the essence of the Forester is not lost with
This privileged version

The X-Mode system is operated by pressing the button


The Subaru Forester is one of the great misunderstood the
market. It is very discreet, it does not draw attention and perhaps why the public does not
is set both in him as it should but it is an SUV honest, practical and
. In the early stages it tasteless but over the
days was testing their capabilities thoroughly and never disappointed.

Forester XT design adds a plus his aggressive style through gills bumpers, 18-inch wheels and
dual exhaust without losing its understated elegance. Inside
seems durable and has gained in quality and design, although the system
Infotainment is not integrated and handling is somewhat archaic

Its versatility is its trump card: Livability is very
good and the trunk is large so it can be used as a family car and,
In addition, with its 240 hp no matter how loaded we travel. It is enough
refined to go to a party without clash and can also leave the
asphalt carefree duality difficult to achieve. And always,
always, always ensuring a comfortable ride available to very few

It is so extremely rational that maybe that is
one of his biggest handicaps, lack some spark and excitement
. It should also be
have their consumption somewhat high note. Still, the Forester is one of the
SUV should always be taken into account when purchasing a car of this
segment because it is a sure hit. The price of Forester XT, 39,000 euros,
It is justified by its versatility and complete equipment

Expert Reviews

We liked more

  • Suspension performance and ride comfort
  • Livability and trunk
  • offroad capabilities

We liked least

  • Anodyne, lack of sports sensations
  • high urban consumption
  • Entertainment system unintegrated and somewhat dated

Note: 8.3