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Test test Citroën C4 Cactus e-HDi 92 ETG6 (III): Dynamic testing, conclusions and ratings

The Citroën C4 Cactus is the bet of the French brand in the SUV segment with urban character. Its efficient engines allow deliver performance and low consumption. E-HDi engines Citroen have an excellent compromise between performance and fuel consumption. Cactus with its light weight, knows better than to take this any circumstances.

Clearly, the first attraction of the Citroën C4 Cactus is
his design. As we discussed in the second
part of this test, the French brand re-launch a
very risky model in design. But this time I
I focus more on the dynamic look of the car itself. In our case
particular Cactus had a configuration that a priori may seem
tempting for its price-performance ratio. We refer to the engine e-HDi
92 hp with fully automatic gearbox ETG6

Efficiency and engine performance e-HDi is more
which contrasted. Clearly, Citroën knows manufacture propellers that deliver
in the same way a correct performance and a really low consumption.
very important points, if we consider that the Cactus is designed to
make urban life more than anything else
. However it is also capable
doing a great service if we turn away from these environments highly

Simple stylish while so we could perfectly define the design of the Citroën C4 Cactus

dynamic test

As I've said before four-cylinder block e-HDi me
seems like one of the best in the range of Cactus
. Above these
We BlueHDI find just the engines that are more powerful than those of our
proof. There are also options of gasoline, with the latest technology
generation get a really good consumption figures. In this case the
more powerful and modern we have in the PureTech
110 hp with Start system&Stop.

Returning to our case the motor of 1,560 centimeters
It is cubic capable of delivering a maximum power of 92 hp at 4.00 revolutions
per minute with a torque marking his record 230 Nm
a very early
1,750 rpm. If we analyze these numbers we find that the Cactus is able to
deliver most of its strength at a very low speed range, something
which we are much appreciated if we need a sudden acceleration, as circulating
at normal speeds will not be far away from these revolutions, but as
and I said no counter the box, so it is impossible
know exactly.

You can not lose yourself: The complete gallery Test Citroën C4 Cactus e-HDi 92 ETG6. 55 pictures with all the details

Although we do not have the data at our disposal, the
noticeable when driving as the engine is very happy in their reactions. 92
Horses may not seem too many, but always matter how much weight
to move. Cactus in the case we are talking about an amazing lightness,
officially remain at 1,145 kilos
. This makes you really are not
needed more horses. Only if our daily use involves circular
mountain passes prestacional might consider another alternative,
but for ordinary mortals with this engine enough.

The performance figures are obviously not impressive,
Nor is the goal of the car, simply it has not been designed for this
use. We need to accelerate from 0 to 100 Km / h takes about 11.4 seconds, reaching
a maximum speed of 184 Km / h
. As you will see, discrete figures. as
I say, I'm sorry to insist, is not what is sought in this car, so do not
ye seek badly.

With discrete features, the Cactus knows how to use each horse with its clear character rodador

Where does highlight is in the field of consumption. Really
good ones. Technology is always there to help long before we
visit the station. The main ally we have in the system
Start&Stop, very useful for the city. Its operation is very simple,
stop the car, the engine is stopped, this in the case of automatic. Yes
circulated with a manual operation must be accompanied by the deadlock and
the brake. Both input and output running of the engine is very
soft, no jerks or annoying vibrations
. Gone are those systems
primitive that made you came in anger to the second traffic light.

Citroën C4 Cactus, five details that you will like

With this in hand, returning to consumption, not cost
nothing to figures ronde the five liters per 100 kilometers. Obviously
in city spending will be greater, technology helps, but not that much. Will be on
open roads at normal speeds and where will we get all the juice to
engine during testing the final figure remained at 5.2 liters
. not me
surprised that if we act in a highly efficient and thrifty way the
handily consumption may lower the psychological figure of five liters.
One of the best qualities of this particular car.

Obviously manual transmission is more consumerist than
automatic, which is scheduled to be surprisingly efficient. Citroën formerly dispensed with fully automatic gearboxes. His bet was for
a manual piloted CMP that the truth was not anything good to use.
Thank God that's already part of history because Currently changes
They are purely automatic and are referred ETG
. Ours was six

The automatic transmission is very easy to use. Mode using three buttons we want is selected: Neutral, Drive and Reverse

Although the performance is much better than the CMP have to
say it's still a little refined change. In the market there are options
where fixed really good, possibly the best of all is the DSG
Volkswagen. In the case of Citroën changes are made too
slowness. This makes transitions can be uncomfortable
, even
producing a displacement of the neck forward and backward, nothing
exaggerated or damaging of course, but annoying at the end of the day. Another problem
is that if we need a more cheerful driving at certain times
the case is lost, even making changes we do not expect.

It is true that we can always make changes
from the steering wheel paddles, but still many times the car
believes it is time to change and will do so automatically,
not even let reduce to our liking. Clearly they are preprogrammed
a number of revolutions and above them never change made,
by many lever or cam action. To his credit I must say that it
get one really cheap
. While other automatic boxes
largely expensive budget, Citroën is committed to a cheap option,
about 900 euros.

As I say, the usual field of Cactus is the city. Without
But it shows a clear rodador character. It will take you from point A to point
B undeterred. It is a joy to see how each day feels cars
RHODES desire, to make kilometers. In many urban models venture
long journeys is put yourself in a compromising situation. Forget about
that in the Cactus, you like to travel and it shows
. I bet that in a few
years will see units with many figures added to its odometer.

There is no doubt that the change could be better, but it really is a cheap option, just 900 euros


The Citroën C4 Cactus is an atypical car, not only if
compared to the rest of the market, but if we do well in
the range of the French brand. Although the acronym include C4, actually his
platform borrows the C3, but its larger size makes you more
in line with the top model. This is reflected largely in space
inside. Although not a spaceship, Cactus does allow four
passengers travel comfortably, if I hurry a fifth Nor would go wrong
. The same
It does the luggage of these. The boot is designed for everyday use,
shopping bags, backpacks, gear, but that does not mean that 358 liters
give much play.

Exploitable start to finish. The entire interior space allows occupants to be comfortable and relaxed at all times

In terms of design it is clear that either you like it or not.
There is no middle. Yes, I assure you that many heads will turn your
He passed. It is daring, different and functional. All this helps the
sales are better than expected. In addition combination options
body color and the famous guards enable us to see units
really striking. In fact Airbump have seemed sensational. At first I fancied me
useless, but after trying, I declare unconditional supporter of them. They are
really practical
, They will save many hours of bodyshop.

As for its dynamic must say that has lights and
shades. The clear lights is that puts the engine. These e-HDi Citroen are
a real treat as content performance and minimum consumption. Can
to throw you back every kilometer you want is unfazed
. Without
But leftovers ETG6 come with change. Although the French engineers
have worked to better the old CMP product is still
light years away from competition. In fact, although it is a cheap option,
I would not choose it.

If you're hunting for something different and groundbreaking do not hesitate, the Citroen C4 Cactus is your car

To summarize I have to say that I think a Cactus
different product, like the personal style that brings
, but I think there
certain details that could have been improved, especially in the interior.
Another point in which the Cactus is not noted in their equipment. A day
Today it is almost imperative that a car comes with attendees
driving, which the Cactus does not, and considering that the unit
tests reaches more than 23,000 euros price, and review the sales prices, I think that should improve this. However if you are looking for
something different, to go comfortable and relaxed, with a French style unmatched, which
consume little and perform well, the Cactus is your car.

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