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Test Fiat Type 2016: Design, Interior and habitability

After 20 years of neglect, Fiat recovered one of its most special denominations, Type. Despite the years that recovers the essence and functionality to bring the twenty-first century. This time we had the opportunity to test the Fiat Tipo 2016.

As they say in the jargon of fashion: everything returns. And 20 years has had to go to a Fiat meet again with the denomination type. A lapse of time has not made a dent in the concept car, it still has the same characteristics that made it so popular to this (two million units sold). Yesterday was the national presentation time, and during it had the chance to thoroughly test the new Fiat Tipo 2016.

Fiat launches Type hoping to revitalize a memorable saga. Now the sedan has been presented, of which I speak, but in a few months we will know the Fiat Tipo Hatchback, with five-door body, and the more familiar version of all, Fiat Type Wagon. The first of these will be presented in May, but for ranchera we wait until the end of the year.

Once all that is known and what is expected, it is time to get to comment on the Fiat Tipo hatchback. Italian house knows that the sedan market is no longer what it was, but there is a small group that still maintains sales at optimal levels. In this niche we find the Citroen C-Elysée, the Dacia Logan, the Mazda3 Sedan, the SEAT Toledo and Skoda. And extended versions of certain compact.

But Fiat has set a target with this compact sedan, fighting face to face with the SEAT Toledo. And it did not want to complicate your life, and well he does. Retakes past concepts of functionality and ease the main value of quality / price ratio. As defined by the brand: unadorned Features. A truth as a temple as now discover.

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Fiat Tipo 2016

There is something in what I do not agree with Fiat, is that unadorned is not. And send the gods of Italian motorsport, design is much better type of competence. It may be cheap, yes, it can be easy, too, but that does not mean it is not pretty. And within that simplicity the Fiat Tipo, designed from the outset as a sedan, highlighted by having a well-defined image with stylish ribs, and with that passionate touch that the brand puts everything he does, as well has demonstrated the Fiat 500.

Despite its measures, 4,54x1,79x1,49, the type has a style well formed. No frills, but with sufficient detail to tip the balance in their favor design (Compared with its rivals above). But not all Italian design, it has also worked to make those lines are efficient. We are facing a leader. The leader segment aerodynamic efficiency 0.29. Surely in a few months we see as a more sporty finish, which already has been seen in sketches it arrives.

Unlike in the past, all variants will be called type, thus abandoning the name Tempra

If we pull those beautiful and a simpler time, chrome handles, we have a well-organized space. We return to the oft-mentioned functionality. Fiat has designed the interior for the driver type is the cornerstone and for five adult passengers, really, traveling without strictures or discomforts. He has also thought about the final price of the car, and that is why nothing fancy. Sobriety Italian again.

As I said the driver is the cornerstone. The front has been designed so that the conductor reaches all functions the car without having to move the least. Everything is where it should be, and all this is covered with materials that far from being the noblest your eyes shall see, give a correct feeling good packaging and manufacturing.

The top of the dashboard is of a soft material and good touch. This is evident to the imaginary line between the top of the console with the bottom. From then on everything we touch is plastic, but by no means has to be bad. It is in line with the general idea of ​​the car and with the general idea of ​​the segment. I repeat that Fiat has thought at all times offer a competitive final price and behold one of the sacrifices you have to do.

Where there has been no sacrifice is the issue of security and technology. Type series comes equipped with a total of six airbags that are responsible to protect driver and occupants. In technology we find two screens also come standard. The first one we have in the instrument cluster. Three inches in size cast all the information you need during the trip. The second is integrated into the dashboard and has five inches. It may be small by the standards but the truth is more than enough. In addition, as part of the standard equipment, we can integrate a navigation system TomTom.

Beyond these systems are elements such as automatic climate control, cruise control, electric mirrors, bluethoot, USB auxiliary connections, mobile connectivity Uconnect, parking sensors, rear view camera and automatic opening of the tailgate. That is, much more than we need the time to get behind the wheel.

You'll be thinking what about the rest of habitability. Well, before that let you know that Fiat has used the Small / Wide platform for creating the type. It is a platform contained dimensions, but which in turn shows a wheelbase, and it is the same as we see in other models like the Jeep Renegade FCA, although slightly higher.

The interior is no display of innovation, but the Fiat Tipo is a rational vehicle for a rational customer

With it the habitability of the type is sensational given its small size. I mentioned before five adults can occupy the rear seat without suffering the consequences both shoulder room and leg space. They are 93.4 centimeters from the rear edge of the bench to the front seatback. To give us an idea, it is a lot of space. More than enough to keep out the burdens us.

As for the trunk, hard to believe that with such short overhangs Fiat Tipo, this be able to show a cargo space of 520 liters. I repeat, at 4.5 meters long. A space that we can expand if we folded down the back row, which makes a percentage 60:40. The only but I put is that when folding said seats the loading surface is not completely smooth, but a tiny but taking into account the above. By the way, these 520 liters must add 12 more than portabotellas come from different areas and slides found throughout the cabin.

Finally I detallarte the range of type. Fiat has ordered 400 units as an introductory offer called Opening Edition and Opening Edition +. Alongside these are consumed, we find two versions: Easy and Lounge. Easy and simple. From the most basic finish Type it is capable of having a bulky standard equipment. More equipped we find these release builds because the Opening + edition comes with all possible extras in the car.

As I have said ad nauseam, Fiat has thought about the final price of the product when designing the type. Thanks to restrained costs, the Italian house proud to say that the guy is on sale from 9,900 euros, as we've told you. A price amounting to 10,990 euros for the Opening Edition. Counting in all cases with promotions and discounts for funding.

Tomorrow will be the turn to get behind the wheel of the Fiat Tipo 2016 and this is where I'll tell you how this small sedan behaves "fatto in Italia". I go along and I've been surprised, because the behavior is not equated with the price. You will see. Tomorrow I'll tell you everything. A greeting!