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Test BMW 1 Series 114i 5 Doors, introduction (I)

Not all premium cars have to be expensive and come with a poor standard. So this week we got in the BMW 1 Series 114i. To access the brand (cars), the German firm offers 102 horses and an acceptable equipment for less than 20,000 euros with PIVE and funding.

In 2012, BMW decided to further expand the range of engines
He offered by the 1 Series and introduced in the market the less powerful variant
gasoline called 114i. There is also a supply of diesel that access
calls 114d. The petrol variant offers an engine that develops 102 horses
TwinPower Turbo technology
while the diesel variant offers a
modest 95 horses.

In we are at the controls of 114i BMW 1 Series 5
to check the most basic car is enough. Despite what
many may think, your block is not a 1.4-liter, but a 1.6 (the
nomenclature is not necessarily linked to the engine of the car). In addition, a
curiosity is that our unit is actually a version of access and only
It has two extras: heated front seats (390.15 euros) and BMW
Live (118.57 euros). Series has dual zone climate control, automatic
Start / Stop, keyless start or Brake Energy Regeneration to recharge the battery.

Front armrest, rain sensor wheels
16 "alloy, multifunction steering wheel and radio BMW Professional (with screen
on the dashboard) are part of the promotion also Essential Edition
It includes discount on the list price of the vehicle. Color
the solid body is Alpinweiss (white) and no additional cost.

Therefore, a BMW 1 Series Essential Edition, funded and
with PIVE Plan can be purchased from 19,300 euros. 5-door variant
from 20,500 euros and the two optional equipment, 21,008 euros. Is a
reasonable for a premium price compact with a power which is capable of
sign the 0-100km / h 11.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 195km / h; more than
enough for many.

The materials used in the interior are known
the brand with padded plastics in many areas of vehicle seats
fabric with a flat bench but a back with good lateral grip if we
practicing sports driving. To do this, we have 3 driving modes
(ECO PRO, Comfort and Sport). Each makes the necessary adjustments to
be as optimal as possible or as radical allows the car.

The five doors give you unmatched versatility and
car battle is the most practical. The partition of the rear seats
It is 60:40 and the trunk has a good capacity 360 liters
1200 with the seats folded. The gearbox is manual 6
marches and there is no possibility of choosing the car with an automatic transmission
Steptronic 8 speed; a shame because it is fantastic though encarecería
the price considerably.

With these arguments, the BMW 114i is ready to parade
by testing equipment and see if it really worth betting
this 'small'.