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SEAT Altea 2.0 TDI CR Freetrack4 170 hp 4WD. urban multipurpose

He SEAT Altea Freetrack4 It is one of the most versatile car that has the Spanish brand in its catalog. It has a large family body, a powerful turbodiesel engine and wheel drive. Pasa page (click on the next tab) and let me tell you how it is and how it goes. We started.


He SEAT Altea Freetrack4 makes clear its claims from the first look at its image abroad. Reinforced bumpers painted in the body color other work suggest that this is a vehicle that could leave the asphalt of the city to stroll around.

Seat Altea Freetrack4

We're not talking about an SUV, but the most versatile compact van version of the Spanish manufacturer. It is especially noticeable in the mentioned reforazos plastic bumper with front and rear (topped with covers crankcase and, in the case of the rear, with a double chrome exhaust outlet). One element that brings robustness to the image of the Freetrack.

For the rest of the exterior design not find significant differences with respect to the model that derives, the SEAT Altea XL, unless a higher ride height relative to the ground about 4 centimeters precisely seeking to improve their skills beyond the asphalt.

With a length of about 4.5 meters, a width of 1.78 and a height of 1.62, appearance is very compact and, especially in its front view, characterized by a notable presence reinforced by elements such as alloy 17 inch, which are standard.


We also found large cambiso in the passenger compartment SEAT Altea Freetrack4 with respect to its urban brother. It is spacious both in the front seats and the rear although the latter are missing a greater width shoulder if they are traveling three adults.

SEAT Altea Freetrack4

On the other hand, enjoys good cleaning adjustments and design of all SEAT products but also suffers its evils, with materials and an aspect that could be improved. Something that the brand has taken an important step forward with their latest releases (like the new SEAT León) and will surely be corrected in the next generation of our protagonist.

Subtraction wheel drive few liters to boot, although at least 452 liters have asking reach over 600 longitudinally displaced the rear seats. If, in addition, the backrests folded down, 1,562 liters tend load.


If there is something that stands SEAT is the character that prints and Altea models Freetrack4 is no exception in this regard. The chassis offers the perfect balance between agility and comfort. Since the damping direction, through the rigidity of the frame, the SEAT Altea Freetrack4 It's a really well-designed car.

In fact, despite its larger dimensions with respect to other cars lighter weight and height, it offers a very precise and natural driving. No excessive swings obliging anticipate the reaction of the car. Nobility and poise hard cornering on rails and goes on road and motorway.

SEAT Altea Freetrack4

As for the engine, the block 2.0 TDI 170 hp It is the most powerful of the turbodiesel range and only earns him the pure power of 211 hp 2.0 TFSI. Pushing with great energy, it has a torque of 350 Nm from just over 1,500 to 4,000 rpm, at which point the maximum power delivery.

It can accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 9 seconds and slightly exceed the 200 km / h, features that not long ago would be difficult to relate to a model with the features of our protagonist.

He runs a lot and spends little as it is able to settle for less than 6 liters per 100 kilometers in mixed city and highway routes between, although the figure that we got during testing was 6.7 liters.


He SEAT Altea Freetrack4 I was surprised by its performance and excellent poise, all-wheel drive makes the car has a great grip on the asphalt. Again, the set-up chassis, steering and suspension SEAT is the best segment. The car has character and can be considered even sporty, within their characteristics, of course.

What I liked least is the interior design, which like other contemporary products manufacturer, still seems too sober. Something that has improved dramatically with the new generation of products that SEAT is putting on the market.

SEAT Altea Freetrack4





To improve

Interior design

Interior materials

Rear shoulder width

Price, Specs and equipment

Price: 27,850 euros


Length: 4,493 mm

Width: 1,788 mm

Height: 1,622 mm

Wheelbase: 2576 mm

Porter: 452 l

Tank: 60 l

Empty weight: 1615 kg


Type: Diesel, Turbocharged

Displacement: 1,968 cm3

No. Cylinders 4 online

Maximum power: 170 hp at 4,200 rpm

maximum torque: 350 Nm between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm

official combined consumption: 5.9 l / 100km

CO2 emissions: 155 g / km

Change: Auto-sequential 6 speed

Transmission: Integral


Maximum speed: 204 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 8.7 s


Airbag driver and passenger, front and rear head front side

ABS, emergency braking assistant EBA, ESP stability control, traction control TCS

Radio system CD / MP3

adjustable steering wheel height and depth

Leather steering wheel knob

Sport seats

Air conditioning

Onboard computer

Alloy wheels 17 inches


Metallic paint: 461 euros

SEAT Media System - 862 euros

Two additional speakers (8 total)

Dot Matrix Display

Bluetooth phone installation

digital audio broadcasting (DAB)

Media Navigation System with Voice Recognition 2.2

Tecnology Plus package - 1,624 euros

bi-xenon headlamps

headlight washers

Rear parking sensor

Dot Matrix Display

AFS headlamps


Bluetooth phone installation

digital audio broadcasting (DAB)

Media Navigation System with Voice Recognition 2.2

Front parking sensor

In additional connections AUX