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Suzuki S-Cross Test 1.0 DITC: robust and economical

Slip our hands on the wheel of the new Suzuki S-Cross, a vehicle that has just received a thorough facelift with which to rejuvenate several years. In addition we tried their new gasoline engines with Boosterjet getting a better balance between performance and efficiency.

After three years in the market,
Suzuki S-Cross receives a complete and necessary facelift that
put good-looking and improves its range to complete with new interiors,
finishes and engines. In fact the S-Cross launched in 2013 was not
of the nicest in its class, in fact its design looked
taken a few years back. The Asian brand has
I tried to supply this defect profoundly changing the design
and finally look for a more modern look.

The Suzuki S-Cross receives a complete redesign of its forntal

Dramatic improvement in design

A success by Suzuki. his
new design we discovered in advance through images that came to us from China resulting in a great breath of
Fresh air for Asian SUV. Changes in this vehicle,
and cataloged same as a style hatchback SUV, will make
some customers buying the new model will reassess
thanks to its new design more robust and challenging.

The front of the new Suzuki S-Cross as
It becomes almost unrecognizable. Its hood and bumper now has a
more upright design that gives more muscle and forcefulness
figure. The main grille is redesigned, more rectangular
and wide showing a chrome finish. The
does the bumper that gains in presence lines
projecting stronger, robust plastic surfaces and new optical decorated with chrome in its
inside to add dynamism lights
LED technology
in the superior finishes.

Your body has also been
modified. Their actions have been changed for a
more agile vehicle, while more confident and secure in
highway. The length of the model has not changed at all with their
4.3 meters long, however He has won +10 and +20 mm height mm
. The wheelbase also remains intact (2.600 mm).
This extra height is thanks to rising
their suspensions and new tires that leave the new S-Cross to 180 mm to the floor,
+15 mm from the previous model. The vehicle is widened
given body adopting new ways to accommodate
the new measures tire riding, 215 / 55R17 instead of
205 / 55R17.

His new look brings LED signs

Continuing its design we
with new tire models, one for the 16-inch size
and one for the 17-inch finish striking
polishing the top end. Moreover arrive new tones to the body what
They give more life to the model, an aspect that was missing too
a push as the classic shades Superior White, White
Pearly, Pata Silk, Gray Galactico and Cosmic Black as a whole
They were somewhat boring. To add fun and why not
say, daring the new range welcomes bright colors Red
Y brown Canyon. These two are added two others, blue
Y Mineral gray, with which emphasize the elegant character of
model, for a total of four new shades.

Inside not find large
developments but we will not detract from the implemented. It highlights an overall improvement in quality that includes
a new soft plastic for the main coating
dashboard, it also highlights the new framework of the console
Central to finish black piano, succored a material for providing the
interior of one aspect "premium" and new design
clocks on the dashboard.

The steering wheel is usually one of the
players in the passenger compartment of a vehicle that has just received a
facelift but this time only observe extra buttons
for versions equipped with the premiere of Adaptive Cruise Control
. Finally, the upholstery fabric acquires cheaper versions new fabric more resistance to use.

Start system&Stop Series

New petrol engines Boosterjet

The current range of Suzuki S-Cross
composed exclusively of four-cylinder engines and 1.6 liters
120 hp for diesel and petrol offerings. From now taking a
new direction in which the fuel supply is now divided between
the new block three-cylinder 1.0 petrol 110 hp and 170 Nm
maximum torque and the four cylinder 1.4 140 hp and 220 Nm being
It is more diversified and emissions reduced to
get registration tax to 0.0%. Other benefits
achieved by downsizing is reduced levels of
noise and vibration
seeping into the vehicle according
says the manufacturer.

During the test drive
our unit outfitting the new three-cylinder gasoline associated with
GLE intermediate finishing and 4x2 -the 1.0-liter is not available as 4x4-, one of the combinations
It has better projection for a good sales volume. The small
gasoline turbo propeller is somewhat less potent than the 1.6-liter CV before but
tries to compensate with a greater amount of torque.

As he
three-cylinder engine such as diesel are fitted as standard with a
five-speed manual transmission, while the four-cylinder
Gasoline benefits from one of six gears. The two four-cylinder engines
They can choose automatic transmission, diesel with a dual clutch and
petrol transmission six relations paddles
steering wheel

At the wheel

Despite its size, the 1.0-liter is able to move
the S-Cross freely behaving very correctly, though
we must bear in mind that maximum torque delivery is in
2,000 rpm, under this regime will make the block
understand that not comfortable. Have to play a bit with the
five-speed manual transmission if we get a good game.
Its performance figures will not blow you away but to be
access engine falls short
Not at all.

Adds the possibility of a dual clutch transmission

In addition to its performance, consumption
It is certainly one of the excuses for resorting to this variant. During
our road trip was very easy to lose the six
liters per 100 km
in fuel consumption. It is very
grateful when traveling at cruising speed either
our hands or with electronic control. Unlike other 1.0
Asian three cylinders I tested while the Suzuki, which
It is own development, not raise their thirst outrageously when we
We want to have fun a little depressing the right pedal.

Another major advantage of this
new model is that finally incorporates Adaptive Cruise Control
that uses the frontal radar used for detecting
collisions to keep the distance with respect to ordain him
vehicle in front, though only in the GLX finish. The suspensions have been reviewed
regarding the outgoing version getting among other benefits
resulting a comfortable vehicle at all times despite
uneven ground or overcoming the dreaded speed bumps.

The carrier receives improvements to a lesser extent than the outer

The new Suzuki S-Cross looks like
SUV but its behavior is rather that of a compact.
Its dynamics is more than correct without being overly
sports even when we activate Sport mode but neither you
It will give a sense of insecurity when it requires something
more than normal cornering, but better not try to look for sensations racing with him. At this point it does not stand out positively
in much the same way but does not negatively. compliant

Compact behavior comfortable with offroad capability

However there are a couple of points
the driving experience is somewhat clouded. The direction,
It appears to have been revised for better efforts in this wash
facing, it is excessively artificial offering little for my taste
information about the firm in which we circulate. In its favor can
say that for a customer whose use of your vehicle is focused
practicality this will be to your liking since it is soft both road and city, especially when you start
March. Maybe something tougher and direct you to do much good.

On the other hand the front seats have not seemed
comfortable at all. They are missing some extra settings such as
low back to us quickly with the right posture.

The taillights are LED wide range

We had the chance to test the
vehicle both in its traditional configuration 4x2 as 4x4, so if other engines and a small loop. If our priority is the
Efficiency front-wheel drive options is our choice
But do not think that by choosing the 4x4 spend much more fuel because under normal conditions will not notice
a remarkable difference. It has an automatic system that makes it function as front-wheel drive when not we require of its powers 4x4. On the other hand, the mode dial allows us to block the 4x4 to make this permanent to 60 km / h.

Instead the possibilities of
four-wheel drive can serve as a great help if
we intend to visit more assiduously land
inhospitable than usual. To be honest off-road circuit I
It seemed quite light, but helped us demonstrate the effectiveness of their new suspensions. I'm sure he can get more
advantage of this variant AWD. You have the options Auto, Mud / Snow -with
option block AWD- and Sport. A
settings for each style of driving.

A robust and economical car


Ultimately I find a product
focused for very rational customers They are seeking a durable car
for a very competitive price
. Its new design distance you enough
over versions that are still in dealerships with
a fresher, robust and dynamic look that will get attract
more customers.

Its increased technology as the Control
Adaptive Cruise or headlights led technology It is almost a step
necessary to the huge demand for this type of equipment. By
Moreover customers benefit from more standard equipment
complete for all finishes, reminiscent they are closed.

Our recommendation is that you spend the most basic finish (GL) to start rethink your purchase from GLE finish. Finishing mounted access front halogen headlights and 16-inch wheels with hubcaps, while the intermediate series equipped with LED headlights, fog lights, alloy wheels 17 inches and other significant features such as leather steering wheel, touch screen 7 inches for the center console and rear view camera. Highly recommended.

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