Car Sales Ranking 2016 SUV sales

There is no category to grow as much as SUVs. Urbanite either format, compact or seven seats, such cars have captured all audiences for its great versatility. These are the best-selling SUV in Spain in 2016.

The Nissan Qashqai pioneered and dominates the category

Few brands resist. Offering models SUV of all kinds It does not stop growing. Not least because these types of cars are no longer a time trend to reach with the firm objective to stay. We present what are the best-selling SUVs in Spain during 2016.

In 2015 the leader was Nissan Qashqai, creator of modern SUVs and king of the category since its launch and repeat victory in this exercise. The Japanese model continues to maintain its hegemony despite increasingly lurk models.

He Renault Captur (2nd) conquer second place and stands out among the B-SUV with Hyundai Tucson (3rd) staying nearby. At the podium placing the Kia Sportage (4th) while renewed Opel Mokka (5th) and Peugeot 2008 (6) end slightly behind.

The Renault Captur is the urban crossover Popular Searches

Among the recent developments listed in the top ranking highlights Volkswagen Tiguan (10th), which has found a place in the top 10. Among the premium SUV, the fight was very close between the Audi Q3 (12), he Mercedes GLA (15th), BMW X1 (16th) and Range Rover Evoque (19th).

SUV sales ranking (2016)

The best-selling SUV in the Spanish market are:

Ranking 2016ModeloVentas 2016
1Nissan Qashqai25,207
2Renault Captur19,683
3Hyundai Tucson19,416
4Kia Sportage17,082
5Opel Mokka16,972
6Peugeot 200816,940
7renault kadjar12,971
8Dacia Duster12,653
9Nissan Juke12,453
10Volkswagen Tiguan12,085
elevenFord Kuga9,500
12Audi Q38,408
13Fiat 500X8,324
14Toyota RAV-47,775
fifteenMercedes GLA7,641
16BMW X17,120
18Nissan X-Trail6,491
19Range Rover Evoque6,014
twentyMitsubishi ASX5,996

SUV sales ranking monthly (December 2016)

As for the monthly results Nissan Qashqai loses its leadership with Hyundai Tucson, which proves to be the main rival of the popular Japanese model. He Renault Captur It occupies the last place on the podium with a slight edge over the Peugeot 2008.

He Ateca Seat continues to enjoy a good start and sign the 7th place, above Volkswagen Tiguan. The new Peugeot 3008, whose second generation has turned into SUV, it is in a magnificent 10th place. Meanwhile, between the premium models Mercedes GLA (14th) advances to BMW X1 (17th) and Audi Q5 (20 °), while the Audi Q3 is punctured and remains outside the top 20.

The best selling SUV in December were:

Ranking dic'16ModeloVentas dic'16Ranking 2016
1Hyundai Tucson2,3793
2Nissan Qashqai2,3601
3Renault Captur2,1212
4Peugeot 20082,0376
5renault kadjar1,3717
6Opel Mokka1,2515
7Ateca Seat1,21524
8Volkswagen Tiguan1,15810
9Dacia Duster1,0828
103008 (2nd gen)1,01933
elevenFord Kuga949eleven
12Nissan Juke9429
13Kia Sportage9234
14Mercedes GLA828fifteen
fifteenMitsubishi ASX798twenty
16Fiat 500X77813
17BMW X174116
18Volvo XC60720twenty-one
19Nissan X-Trail67818
twentyAudi Q565222