Aaron Kaufman Gas Monkey Garage leaves

The bearded mechanic Gas Monkey Garage TV leaves after 13 years of working with Richard Rawlings. Unknown reasons, the founder calls for calm and recognizes that the workshop consists of a team, not just two.

For several days on social networks the rumor Aaron Kaufman march, head shop Gas Monkey Garage as well as upcoming seasons of Discovery Fast N Loud (DMAX in our territory) series.

As well, It has been another partner, Richard Rawlings with a statement on the GMG own website who has finally clarified the situation and doubts generated by customers, fans and spectators workshop located in Dallas (Texas) and his adventures.

In the statement, Rawlings appreciates the 13 years of work Bearded Kaufman in the workshop that has suffered in their own flesh success; in addition to the quality and personality of the creations since 2002, for his appearance in the tv show involved in since 2012.

In addition, the founder of the workshop calls for respect Recalling that the company It is not only formed by him and Aaron, but a great pit crew and staff have, do and will continue to make possible the creations of Gas Monkey both public and private.

It is unknown what the next project Kaufman and if this has something to do with the small screen, as has happened with Jordan and Tom Misfit Garage dismissed or will work from the television anonymity, as Mathieu with his workshop KC KC's Paint Shop.