A drone capable of recharging electric cars ?, Amazon is already working on that idea

Amazon has patented an ingenious solution refill "on demand" for electric vehicles, drones able to get to your car and recharge the batteries, which at first seems a great idea, although current technical impossibilities are quite large.

Scheme drone patented by Amazon.

The online shopping giant Amazon, has devoted much effort to the technology of the drones in recent times, as shown by its plans to deploy drones for the distribution of goods. Probably these projects was born the idea has now appeared in the patent register, drones able to go to an electric vehicle for the sole purpose of perching on them and recharge your batteries.

The idea seems simple, when a user is running out of batteries only need to activate the system, which we understand will be a subscription service, and a drone will go where the vehicle is. Once there, It is connected to the vehicle and recharge the old batteries so you can take the trip again.

Although a priori it seems a great idea, the truth is that current technical limitations completely advise against this ingenious solution Amazon, which does not mean that tomorrow can be a good alternative to eliminate the problems of autonomy in long-distance travel or in areas where there is no recharging points.

Sketch patent.

Try to implement this solution today is practically impossible, the weight and volume required to store a significant amount of electricity, enough not to bear the full electrical but to supply enough kWh to make it reach the point of closest reloading vehicle, would mean that the drone would have a size (and therefore weight) not let this go too far.

Think of a drone carrying a similar battery which already have electric vehicles, including lower density, It is the perfect graphic illustration of the physical impossibilities of this solution. At least with the technology that we have today.

So for this system was actually feasible, it would be necessary use other energy storage technology, to allow higher load capacity with a considerably smaller volume.