Full LED headlights and laser lights: lighting of today and tomorrow

It was likely to give way halogen headlights to xenon. The reality is that the halogen still living with a new technology: Full LED headlights. They have many advantages over the discharge lamp as their longevity, their size or consumption ... and for those who want more, we have the BMW i8 with laser headlights on the market.

The basic lighting is one of the fields fascinantesde a car because its evolution is as constant as the otrastecnologías. In addition, it should be one of the main reasons for buying uncoche, either by the security a good team headlights can provide frentea conventional one, or aesthetics of the final product. And now that lasluces LED are the order of the day.

halogen headlamps for the Golf Variant

Precisely, LED lights began to accommodate daytime comoiluminación in some cars vanguard served in the actualidadpara illuminate the road. And they are not reserved for cars representaciónde premium brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Lexus, but in 2014 and vemoscoches volume segments in Spain that incorporated into the optional catálogode.

Xenon headlights with LED accent for Subaru BRZ

Since marketing began, the xenon headlights and bi-xenon seemed they were going to take over from the halogens. Every time you máscoches the equipping serial or incorporated in its catalog optional. 

However, it has not happened and there has been an evolution where seconvirtiera xenon lighting standard and LED in optional. Probablementepor a simple reason: xenon remains expensive. Therefore, in the ingress policer cars they are still seen as the basis halogen headlights and some brands handecidido dismiss the optional xenon and make the leap to LED. For example, the SEAT Leon III is a case where LED lighting is the highest level and elxenón has passed away in the catalog of optional.

Full LED headlights for SEAT Toledo (+ info)

Of course, the LED has advantages over xenon esque is much more efficient, requires less energy, does not suffer wear comoocurría with xenon bulb and has many possibilities in iluminaciónselectiva. But if you see that in some cases this technology is available porpoco more than 1,000 euros and others for about 3,000 euros, you know that laluz adaptive fault can be part of the premium. 

LEDs are more efficient and have many advantages over xenon

Adaptive lighting is a system that allows a car and using camera systems, adapt the light beam to use the corresponding LED for each situation and thus could move even with the lights long range on without disturbing the vehicle It precedes us or coming in the opposite lane. This technology costs money and is not used in any vehicle carrying full LED, but is usually in middle or high range models.

This design of the Volvo XC90 is achieved thanks to the possibilities of LED

This type of lighting illuminates further and, for example, BMW headlights reach 300 meters. Its efficiency is maximum and sulongevidad, too.

Therefore, we could be facing the iluminacióndefinitivo system, although sometimes it is so intense that certain posters puedendeslumbrarnos ourselves.

Another important topic of LED lighting esque has begun to give prominence to their use in traserostambién pilots. So much so that many manufacturers can offer you one if you take depiloto type halogen headlights and a full LED headlights if you carry. In the segundocaso is an additional ingredient of modernity as well as being notablementevisibles.

LED headlights selective: more expensive than conventional

Another topic to be discussed briefly is the aesthetics of the car.LED headlamps have allowed manufacturers to make designs realmenteagresivos and you can find bulbs that light through a deespejos system (like an Audi A8 or BMW 7 Series) or via a projector (comoun Peugeot 308 or MINI third generation). Other possibilities probably the first manufacturers to make more modern designs ycompactos.

The second can be confused with a xenon headlight, asvirtually all cars with this lighting system, it was used unsistema projector (Except for the exceptions as Subaru XV).

In addition, elefecto prism causes part of the light beam is perceived purple on the LED while One on a xenon headlight is a very intense blue. They are little nuances that tepueden to distinguish one from another. There is another telling nuance and xenon laspropiedades that no obligation to use a headlamp washers. With LED farosFull cars without headlamp washers are.

Car drivers can vary if not equip LED or xenon headlights Full

But in a market where many users still desconocenlas wonders of LED lights, there is a car that has decided to travel in eltiempo to bring enlightenment tomorrow. And that's the BMW i8, the primercoche in his catalog of optional laser illumination is available. Isa system to act as a complement to the powerful LED headlamps and queduplican the scope, reaching 600 meters with a bright light and white.

Of course, it is not harmful to anyone who sees it straight because I estáhomologado and prepared so that it can circulate at present, although esdifícil to see laser, because as we said at the beginning, it is only in the deopcionales catalog BMW i8. 

Audi has a limited edition Audi R8 (99 units) with this lighting also following a strategy posicionamientofrente BMW, but ultimately Munich were the first to put encirculación lasers.

In competition, the BMW Z4 and uses iluminaciónláser systems, but contrary to what it may seem, is not what seproyecta lightning, but white light. Headlamp internal processing is complex and utilizasistemas mirrors and diodes much smaller than a LED. The tratamientodel laser beam inside the lighthouse makes the light output is not dañinapara the beholder, and therefore standardize this technology and put encirculación must have been a challenge for manufacturers.

A concept of laser lights Audi

And slowly we move into a world of lighting quepromete new levels to our retinas. Prototypes as the fog deláser or pilots organic LED (OLED) is technology that eventually depodría become the next steps to improve road safety entérminos visibility.