A locator for your car? My experience with Detector Group

I looking for companies that locators installed in vehicles that could give me an added security when leaving my car in the street, I met Detector Group, a company with over 10 years of experience in the field of security and mobility.

We test services Detector Group

Today I'll talk about the safety of your vehicle, but not with advice or recommendations when circular if no other safety related to them.

In recent years, car theft has awakened my interest slowly, not because I'm thinking of expanding my garage, but because I have sometimes worry that my vehicle is in danger when I have to go out with him and park away from home. I do not like this disquiet, and looking for information online, I found a company offering services that could end my uncertainty.

5 Reasons to install in your vehicle locator

This is a service that can be interesting for different reasons, either because you are privileged and have vehicles of great value, because you have a particularly popular car among foreign friends or because you have a classic gem and want to protect it by all means possible. Among other companies I found one that particularly caught my attention.

detector group who are they?

It is a security company 100% Spanish, with More than 10 years of experience in the field of security and mobility. Her experience is extensive and have a great tour with private fleets, the important thing is that their services can also be hired by individuals, like me.

One of its strengths, which motivated us to meet further, is that one of its pillars is the specialization in the recovery of stolen vehicles, something that is unfortunately quite common in our streets. Who does not know someone who have stolen the car and has appeared several weeks later supplemented destroyed or worse, who has not appeared?

Group detector How does it work?

Vehicle recovery in case of theft

I know more about this company, discover that It has an agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, in which available to the Security Forces of the State's need to locate and recover the stolen vehicle means. They recover even if the vehicle is hidden in containers or garages.

How is this possible? When a car is stolen it is normal that thieves often take inhibitors to override the GPS signal, your system normally used to locate the vehicle, but detector Group It has exclusively a tracking system radiofrequencyVHF with which it has agreements in more than 33 countries.

Eye, this system allows the location and recovery of stolen vehicles a lower average 4 hours and have a 96% effectiveness. The company has various services that allows us to hire the security package that best suits our needs and our pocket. Mindful that we will tell our experience in different chapters.

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