Trans Am Super Duty 455 2017: resurrects the last muscle car with 1,014 hp

  • Trans Am Worldwide has just introduced a new version of its reborn Trans Am, besides rescuing a mythical name, the Trans Am Super Duty 455 2017 of 1,014 hp.
  • tribute version of the iconic Trans Am Classic and is now based on the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro.

New version Trans Am Super Duty 455 limited edition.

Trans Am Worldwide is one of the few companies dedicated to rescue from oblivion the legacy of the defunct Pontiac, focusing its efforts on recreating current versions of the Trans Am, the most powerful sports version of the company, the Pontiac Firebird.

So far we have only seen these recreations on the sixth-generation Camaro, but this small company has been based on the latest Camaro VI to create the most attractive and powerful version to date of these recreations, In addition resurrecting a mythical name in the history of model Super Duty.

The new Trans Am Super Duty 455 lives up to its name and has a V8 455 cubic inches (7.46 liters), like rare Super Duty versions of the seventies, considered the last true muscle car from the heyday of American engine. Although this time the block LT1 V8 supercharger has a Magnuson supercharger 2.3 liter with numerous internal changes and a new exhaust system allow to reach the magic figure of 1,000 hp (1,014 hp) and a torque of 1,416 Nm (1,046 lb-ft) of torque.

current but with the classical forms of Fierbird optics.

Regarding the aesthetic level this is perhaps the most successful recreation, ironically because It is the least tries to mimic the sport disappeared from Pontiac. This is the first time that one of these recreations does not have an ornate image and lack of sense of proportion, as in previous cases, where we found a Camaro just full of visually disjointed added.

Camaro current forms are also responsible for this effect, since the sixth generation is much sleeker than the previous model, so the Trans Am SD455 2017 is closer to the shape of second generation Pontiac Firebird.

The Firebird was Pontiac's version of F-Body platform, also used by the Camaro, so both models share many components. All its iterations, the second generation of both models were those that kept the more aesthetic similarities, with a clear silhouette coupe, equipped with a long hood and short rear in fall, with wide rear pillars in both cases.

Only the lines of the interior betray him.

For the 2017 model Trans Am are like the lines of the carrier and waist clearly they correspond to the lines of the current Camaro, however many panels have been replaced, so we have to look carefully to find their similarities, most visible at the height of the pillar C.

Are completely new hood, fenders, front Pontiac split grille style (one of his features common design), front and rear bumpers, optical and rear spoiler, all made with carbon fiber, so the body is now lighter than the Camaro donor.

Has again renewed ground effect thanks to the rear diffuser and the suspension is stiffer and low. Aggressive wheels are 20-inch tires have Michelin Pilot Sport. The details alluding to Firebird are clear, with graphic bird throughout the vehicle, from the seats to the huge front hood adhesive. Also available is a find T-type sunroof Top, old-fashioned.

LED optical front and rear.

Inside the interior of the Camaro we found with many changes, from new embroidery mentioned seats to a new shifter. grafías "Trans Am Super Duty 455" We are found in several points inside, from the threshold of the door to the dashboard.

The new Trans Am Super Duty 455 2017 has been presented in the 2017 New York Auto Show this weekend and it is now ready for production, but will have a very limited edition, only they are manufactured 50 units. The order book will open soon, on May 1, so probably many American collectors are already making numbers to get one of the few examples that come to the streets.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Super Duty 455

The standard V8 engine 455 It was not available until the second generation model, the model 1971, a year after the premiere of the new generation, the only mechanical option Trans Am version. 7.46 liters, was initially available in two versions, L75 325 hp (329 hp) and LS5 335 hp SO (340 hp).

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am The Super Duty 455 Original.

It was not until 1973 that came the SD-455 Super Duty 455 or a bad time version as strongly modified and performance-oriented as this engine. The arrival of new emission standards and the drastic increase in fuel prices they eliminated virtually all members of muscle car and pony car segment, however, Pontiac was the only one who bet those years for such radical version like this, creating what ultimately would be the last true muscle car, although by emissions engine does not hit the market all tight I could, delivered only (officially) just over 300 horses.

Super Duty only 455 were produced 252 units in 1973, the year of its introduction and 943 1974, his last year in production, so they are very rare specimens, especially those endowed with 4-speed manual transmission, They comprising only a fraction of total SD455 manufactured.