The Fisker Karma 2016 rebrand Elux

The Chinese investor group took the remains of US automaker Fisker after bankruptcy rename the brand Elux. Elux the first model will be the second generation of Fisker Karma electric sedan. It will arrive in 2016 with a range greater than its predecessor and price.

The new owners of the brand Fisker They have given birth
Green production of the new Karma. However, the second generation of
luxurious electric sedan land on the market leaving aside the name
its founder Henrik Fisker because the brand will be renamed Elux.

In the beginning Fisker was one of the great rivals of Tesla, although their paths have been very different. Tesla's success has been
oblivious to Fisker, which saw six years after its creation the difficulties
financial ended up producing bankruptcy of the company. The inverter group
Chinese Wanxiang was done with the remains of US manufacturer
and also
with two factories have: the Finnish plant Valmet and the
American of Delaware.

Following the closure of the factory in Finland it appears
indicate that the new Karma Elux It will be built on American soil. This
due to be presented in the first half of 2016
and will save a great aesthetic resemblance to the first generation model, which completed its
career in 2012.

The new owners have focused their efforts on
provide greater technological dose and increasing battery capacity
. In fact, in 2013 this investor group also took A123
, the company that supplied the batteries of the first generation
Karma. Thus the autonomy of electric sedan would be higher if the
other side of the coin is that the price could be increased by 20% compared
the previous model