The first “General Lee” up for auction

The first "General Lee"A 1969 Dodge Charger, which appeared in the pilot episode of the series "Sheriff Chiflado" for auction. known as "see 1"After his television debut spent 23 years in a junkyard to finally be rescued in 2001. It is now perfectly restored.

One of the biggest emerging automotive icons is the television world "General Lee", orange Dodge Charger 1969 that featured some spectacular jumps in the American series"Sheriff Chiflado" ("The Dukes of Hazzard" in its original title). Now, the first unit was used in the series will be auctioned in Arizona.

The history of the Charger called "see 1" dates back to 1978, the year in which first appeared in several sequences pilot episode of the series that gave life to the Duke brothers. Unfortunately, in his first and only jump it was seriously damaged after reaching almost 5 meters high and 25 long over the police car Sheriff Rosco Coltrane.

this Charger She was abandoned in a junkyard scrap in the state of Georgia until 2001. 23 years later he was rescued and went through several owners until in 2006 reappeared in public completely restored.

The prestigious auction house Barrett-Jackson expects the iconic model reaches a large sum, especially if we consider that a replica of this model was sold for $ 450,000 (350,000 euros) in 2008.

see 1