Audi no rival in the segment MPVs

Premium brands are not given to making the most familiar of all units, MPVs. However, the first Mercedes and BMW have launched later this segment, garnering good sales volumes. But Audi is determined to do, and will continue to pursue its current strategy.

The brand is in the 2 million units sold per year. That's the sales target that Audi has in mind, and to get it hopes to have a range of 60 different models by 2020. Given this strategy the question is clear: Do any of these 60 models will be a minivan? If the question is clear, no less forceful is Audi's answer: no.

A2 caused many dramas in the brand Audi does not want to hear about MPVs

Not for the moment. The German brand is very happy with his fleet, and It sees no need to launch production of a minivan, of any size. But in years to come they think themselves reinforce its SUV range, even making one small, urban, Q1, which is expected to make its first formal appearance next year.

This strategy differs greatly from taking his two main rivals, Mercedes and BMW. The first and takes years betting on a family segment, remember the Class A, or Class B, following the sale today. BMW for its part has recently landed in the segment, but it has a very attractive proposition, with Series 2 Active Tourer and the Great Active Tourer.

Audi's reluctance to making a minivan can be conditioned in part by the failure harvested in the past. The A2 was the only audacity to Audi in this field, and the truth is that out pretty battered experience. It was an innovative concept at the time, possibly being today the A2 would have garnered mixed reviews and opinions.

Compacts, sedans and SUVs mostly remain bets Audi

The biggest problem was the body, all aluminum. What today we find it normal and common, was something innovative in 2000, when he was released on A2. The manufacture and the problems caused by the use of such material were a headache, and that eventually impact on the final price, and ultimately a low turnover. At 5 years the car was gone.

Obviously precedents are not good, but we must not blame a single mistake failure to see another people carrier with the four rings. Plain and simple is that Audi is reaping such good figures with the current range that managers do not see the need to retouch, and if they do they will subtly.