The test of the new Formula E, between success and controversy

  • There is some concern linking pilots are conducting the test of the second generation of the car of Formula E.
  • However, the new prototype does not stop throwing good news and with just a few days trial, is already faster than the current car.

The celebration of the first test second-generation car of Formula E has stopped reactions. However, the first kilometers of Spark SRT05e have left a good feeling at a competitive level, but also they sparked some controversy by pilots who are carrying out these tests. In fact, several teams and drivers in Formula E have expressed some concern that the development of the car testing the 2018-19 season the they are conducting pilots that are associated with Audi or Porsche, two of the companies that have presence at the event from the 'Season Five'.

During the first test of Spark SRT05e have made their commanders Frédéric Makowiecki, Porsche factory driver GT, and Benoît Tréluyer and Adrien Tambay, pilot and former Audi factory driver. This has created some suspicions as there are competitors who believe that Porsche and Audi have been able to collect some advantage and knowledge gained from these tests, however much Frédéric Makowiecki made an appearance in these tests at the request of Michelin. In fact, the Porsche driver has collaborated with the French tire firm for a decade.

Beyond the identity of the test pilots, Spark SRT05e born right foot. In fact, other rumors suggest that the car has rolled faster equal power than the current car. With just a handful of days of testing in Spain and France, the new prototype has demonstrated its benefits, to the point of reducing the times of the current car rolling with Mahindra powertrain with 200 kW. Tests have been carried out at the Circuit Ecuyers in Monteblanco and Guadix, Spark scenarios where already had previous references.

Photos: FIA Formula E