2017-18 season calendar of Formula E

  • The World Motor Sport Council has approved the tentative schedule for the 2017-18 season of Formula E.
  • Electrical category will visit eleven cities, with three double ePrix in what is an ambitious timetable fourteen races.

The World Motor Sport Council held in Paris has served to confirm the timing of the 2017-18 season of Formula E. Although it will be the 'Season Five' season that marks a true revolution in the category of electric cars of the FIA, the truth is that in the 'Season Four' there will be noticeable changes. Input, the promoter of the category has designed a much more ambitious schedule goes from twelve to fourteen races, although six of them fall into three double ePrix. With everything, the event will visit new cities like Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Rome or Zurich.

Hong Kong will be the starting point of the 'Four Season' with a double ePrix held in December, a condition which in turn shares New York and Montreal, two appointments will also have two races and the championship will close in July 2018. In between there is a lot of news. Buenos Aires output, Monaco and the dispute of a single race in Berlin is complemented with the arrival of the ePrix of Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Rome and Zurich. Switzerland will host the first-ever motor racing circuit since 1955.

Recoradar fits in the previous World Motor Sport Council already approved some changes to the Technical and Sporting Regulations of Formula E in order to make progressive evolution towards 'Season Five'. Among the measures taken is the removal of one of the free when there are two races during the same ePrix, increased 3 to 6 promotional days three days circuit to promote the 'road shows' and the integration of a day of testing during the season and another test session intended for rookies. Further, race the cars increase their power from 170 to 180 kW.

provisional schedule of Formula E 2017-18

ePrix / City
02-03 December 2017Hong KongHong Kong
January 13, 2018MarrakechMorocco
February 3, 2018Santiago de Chile *Chile
March 3, 2018Mexico CityMexico
March 17, 2018Sao Paulo*Brazil
April 14, 2018Rome*Italy
April 28, 2018Paris*France
May 19, 2018BerlinGermany
June 10, 2018Zurich *Switzerland
07-08 July 2018NYU.S
28-29 July 2018MontrealGlen

* ePrix new

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