Citroën Jumpy 2016 Price: from 18,875 € in Spain

The new Citroën Jumpy is now available in Spain to receive orders. The new generation of the van for professional and recreational use can be purchased for a starting price of € 18,875 with 95 hp diesel engine.

The new Citroën Jumpy and can be booked in Spain

Now available the new Citroën Jumpy for booking the dealer network or web Citroen. The new generation commercial vehicle It takes a big leap in every way with comfort for passengers onboard high technology, efficiency and the latest developments in security. The first units will arrive this summer.

The new van Citroën wins in versatility as it benefits from a new modular platform It is allowing it to be acquired in three lengths: XS (4.60 meters), M (4.95 meters) and XL (5.30 meters). In addition to size we can also choose the format of vehicle that best suits our activity: van, combi or cab floor. Among its qualities should be noted that in some versions only measures 1.90 meters high allowing you to access parking to those who normally can not a vehicle of this type.

But let the new technological additions since it is one of the strengths of this new generation of Jumpy, which has been called lately Citroën SpaceTourer. Driver and passengers can enjoy Citroën ConnectNav, with seven-inch touch screen and 3D browser connected allowing be controlled by voice. It also has a high level of connectivity with function MirrorScreen which controls applications of our smartphones by Apple carplay and MirrorLink, unusual feature in a vehicle like this.

Inside hides older technologies for comfort and safety of passengers

It also adds a great deal of safety thanks to automatic braking system Active Safety Emergency Brake, the risk of collision alert, active speed regulator or rear view camera 180 degrees. Without forgetting that we will not lack hands to open the side doors thanks to its handsfree, for if we are loaded with some kind of merchandise.

Its engine range consists of efficient BlueHDi thrusters between 95 and 150 hp. Except lower power, almost all equipped with standard system Start&Stop to save fuel at traffic lights and a manual six relationships. It stands out above the engine BlueHDi 115 S&S 6v since only homologated consumption 5.1 l / 100 km and 133 g / km CO2 emissions.

Citroën Jumpy 2016 prices for Spain

XS BlueHDi 95 Comfort€ 18.875
XS S 115 BlueHDi&S 6v Comfort19,875
XS S 115 BlueHDi&S 6V Club21,000
Size M BlueHDi 95 Comfort19,150
Size M BlueHDi 115 S&S 6v Comfort20,150
Size M BlueHDi 120 6v Comfort20,575
Size M BlueHDi 115 S&S 6V Club21,290
Size M BlueHDi 120 6V Club21,715
120 XL size BlueHDi 6v Comfort20,935
150 XL size BlueHDi S&S 6v Comfort22,310
XL size BlueHDi 120 6V Club22,100
150 XL size BlueHDi S&S 6V Club23,445
Cabin floor Size M BlueHDi 120 6V Comfort19,735
Combi XS BlueHDi 95 Comfort21,800
CombiTalla XS S 115 BlueHDi&S 6v Comfort22,665
CombiTalla XS S 150 BlueHDi&S 6v Comfort24,390
Combi Size M BlueHDi 95 Comfort22,100
Combi Size M BlueHDi 115 S&S 6v Comfort22,960
Combi Size M BlueHDi 150 S&S 6v Comfort24,690
Size XL Combi BlueHDi 115 S&S 6v Comfort23,340
Size XL Combi BlueHDi 150 S&S 6v Comfort25,100