Citroen C5 2019: radical changes ahead for the French model

The second generation of Citroen C5 leads among us since 2008. With a commercial life that borders the decade, it is time that Citroën start the project the expected successor to the current flagship of the French firm, at least in the European market. We collect some data and information known about the successor of the C5.

Citroen C5 2019 - Recreation

New Citroen C5 recreation. The French brand is already working on the renovation of its flagship.

While the Citroen C5 Aircross has not yet made an appearance in the old continent, the truth is that until arrival in our market (which will occur next year 2018) the title of "flagship" Citroen is still owned Citroen C5. However, much time has passed since the current generation (the second) burst into the dealers.

Time passes inexorably, and with nearly a decade of commercial life, it's time for a change. While the French manufacturer in China continue marketing it, plus those parts have the Citroen C6, Europe can not be expected and the project should start for the new generation (Or rather successor) of marketed today model.

The image you can see above corresponds to a recreation that anticipates the appearance of Citroen C5 2019. A model whose coming-out will take place sometime in 2018. But, What can we expect from the successor of the C5? The most obvious change of all will be aesthetically. His image radically break with the line followed by the Citroen C5 to date.

Citroën Concept CXperience

CXperience Citroën Concept, a prototype that will influence the new Citroen C5.

The design will be influenced largely by the Citroën CXperience Concept. An interesting design exercise that the brand introduced during the last Paris Motor Show 2016 and showing us their vision regarding the saloons. Vehicles avant-garde image combined with the most advanced and innovative technology. We assume that Citroen flagship remains a saloon.

Recently, during the presentation of the Citroen C5 Aircross at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017, Linda Jackson, Citroen CEO said that despite the commitment of the brand SUVs and crossovers, the Citroen C5 will remain the option available in the range for the traditional buyer. The new model will be based on certain principles: efficiency, economic mechanical and comfort. To maximize comfort while driving, it will be equipped with hydraulic suspension dampers progressive.

Jackson also has emphasized the importance that will have the space for the occupants of the rear seats and the level of connectivity that will provide the vehicle. Moreover, and although it had mentioned the possibility that Citroën from benefiting from the technology developed by Opel, especially that used by the new Insignia, it seems that finally the new Citroen C5 is a 100% Citroen.

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