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F1 and times prior GP Singapore 2015

Comes the thirteenth round of the 2015 season, the night Singapore Grand Prix which takes place at the Marina Bay street circuit. It is the eighth race of Formula 1 in the city-state, and Hamilton will try to take another bite out of the championship if the haze of toxic smoke that threatens the event does not prevent it.

How to get the World

The distance from Hamilton Rosberg is already facing superior two races. The Briton, with his win at Monza, is now 53 points ahead of his teammate. German has behind him closer a Vettel ahead of Lewis. The Ferrari is third with 178 points, 22 of the 199 Nico. No other driver has reached the hundred points yet. The fight for fourth place is exciting, and now Massa (97 points) is ahead of Raikkonen (92) and Bottas (91). From there, no one can mathematically win the title, although there are still seven races. Kvyat is seventh, with 58 points looks very close to her mate Ricciardo, who accumulates 55. And fight over TOP10 Grosjean (38), Sergio Pérez (33) and Hulkenberg (30). Shortly after Verstappen appears with 26, and also rated Nasr (16), Maldonado (12), Alonso (11), Ericsson and Sainz (9) and Button (6).

With its two drivers leading the table, it is easy to imagine that Mercedes barre all his rivals in the constructors' championship. Hamilton and Rosberg added 451 points and see how far the other teams. Foremost among his pursuers it is Ferrari, who has 270 points and is gripping the second position, 188 away from Williams. Red Bull is comfortably fourth with 113, and now Force India wins (63-50) the fight for fifth place at Lotus. This weekend Grosjean and Maldonado have a new opportunity to trace. Verstappen and Sainz give Toro Rosso 35 points, ten more than those who pilots Sauber added. McLaren remains with 17, surpassing only Manor, which continues with the score to 0.

A little history

Over 200 million dollars were to blame for that Singapore had a Grand Prix Formula 1. In addition to the schedule in Europe would be acceptable to the public, he became the first night race in history. The Italian company Valerio Maioli It was in charge of lighting, in the layout of Marina Bay, designed by Hermann Tilke, It appears day. Everything was ready for September 2008, and Felipe Massa scored the first pole of the history of this circuit. The first race go down in history later, when the scandal 'was discoveredcrashgate'Where Nelsinho Piquet deliberately brought out the safety car which facilitated the victory of his teammate Fernando Alonso.

Without controversy, the 2009 Hamilton took from pole and Alonso, who wanted to erase the memory of 2008, made the perfect big prize with Ferrari in 2010, known as'Grand Chelem': Leading every lap and get the pole, victory and fastest lap. 2011, 2012 and 2013 were for the winner of these global, Sebastian Vettel. The latter was so wide and with such overwhelming superiority that there were those who insinuated that the German had victory traction control in his Red Bull. Marked the third of four 'Grand Slam' has achieved the current Ferrari driver in his career. In 2014 Lewis Hamilton won and took the lead in a championship that end up winning.

The numbers of pilots in Singapore

With only seven editions of the Singapore Grand Prix disputed, not many drivers who accumulate good statistics on it. Actually only three pilots know what to see in first place the checkered flag. Three seven victories divide, and are considered by many the best grill: Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel. The Spanish the first edition in 2008 with Renault, and the third in 2010 with Ferrari took. Hamilton won in 2009 with McLaren and Mercedes in 2014, and Vettel in 2011, 2012 and 2013, three consecutive, all with Red Bull. Thus, Renault engines have four wins at Marina Bay, two Mercedes and a Ferrari. As to pole positions, besides Hamilton (he has three), Vettel (twice he started from the first place) and Alonso (won from pole in 2010), Massa is the first in history at the circuit in 2008.

In laps no greater variety, with Alonso having got two Raikkonen, Button, Hulkenberg, Vettel and Hamilton one. In addition to Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton have been on the podium in Singapore Webber and Button twice and Rosberg, Raikkonen, Ricciardo and Timo Glock in one. Focusing on historical data, Hamilton continues on the path of Legend season. Carries 11 of 12 possible pole positions, and is on track to break all records. Singapore goes for the consecutive eighth, which would tie him with which he managed Senna between 1988 and 1989 as best record ever. In addition, it could still beat the record shared Schumacher and Vettel 13 wins in a year, since it takes seven to get as many races. Get it or not, is on track to win his third title path, not seem to want to leave this weekend.

Pirelli, storm and other data

After the controversy in Spa, Monza was a great quieter for Pirelli prize, although the tire pressure of Hamilton kept the suspense of who would win until after the race. A Singapore carry two yellow softer compounds of the range, the super soft (with strip red) and soft. Make it a great night award makes the temperatures, although hot, are not excessively negative gums. However, it could rain for at least Friday or Saturday, so we would also see the Italian tire firm to wet soil. A weekend in which the conclusion of the test is threatened by a cloud of toxic smoke, although so far there is no sign that will not be played.

Singapore Grand Prix schedule

Timetable SingaporeTimetable SpainCareer


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20/09 - 20:0020/09 - 14:00
19/09 - 21:0019/09 - 15:00
19/09 - 18:0019/09 - 12:00
18/09 - 21:3018/09 - 15:30
18/09 - 18:0018/09 - 12:00

For this grand prix Alonso hopes to leave behind the problems of Spa and Monza, and Sainz improve his only career night (abandoned in Bahrain). Rosberg admits that, after its abandonment in Italy, has nothing to lose, and says he will go to attack. In addition, the meeting will occur between Red Bull and Renault to decide how to terminate his contract so advanced at the end of this year, while the French firm says or buying Lotus and compete as their own team or leaves the 'Big Circus'. Red Bull and Williams are eager to steal the podium for Ferrari, which in turn crosses fingers for Mercedes suffer, as Rosberg in Monza, a problem that allows them to qualify for higher positions than the third. Finally, we recall that the plot has undergone a change in the curves 11, 12 and 13 to facilitate the show. I wish to take effect.

Men to follow

A race, the Mercedes start as clear favorites. What remains to be seen is whether Rosberg is able to stand up to Hamilton or otherwise, could soon lose sight of the British. hoping to collect the remaining podium and who knows if something else will be the Ferrari, with a constant Vettel and Raikkonen improved version. But it will difficult the Red Bull, which promise war. And want to see a weekend where Sainz has no setbacks and can finally score again four months later.