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Zak Brown: “It’s time to work for McLaren ready in 2018.”

  • The Executive Director of McLaren has tried all topical issues related to McLaren, with the situation regarding engine as the main focus.
  • Zak Brown confirms that McLaren will not be with Fernando Alonso in the Indianapolis 500 in 2018 and admits he would be an agreement between Honda and Toro Rosso favorably.

Activity in Formula 1 will frantic in the coming weeks, because it is time to begin defining the status of the equipment in preparation for the 2018 season.

The design of the cars is well under way and issues such as engine supplier should be clarified, which in the case of McLaren is still a matter to be resolved. "We look to 2018, so we need to realize our activities: the drivers, car design ... will be soon. When you finish the summer break, it all starts to happen in Formula 1, so it's time to work to be ready next year ", Zak Brown commented on the situation of McLaren while staying at Spa-Francorchamps.

Renault confirms that has negotiated with McLaren, but discards agreement

The US has on the table the difficult question of whether McLaren remains confident Honda, but in the current situation does not seem to have many more options because there is not much willingness on the part of any of the riders present in Formula 1 and, complicating the situation further, Honda lost the deal with Sauber and It depends entirely on McLaren to continue in Formula 1.

You were very much in favor of a relationship between Honda and Toro Rosso and Christian (Horner) asked us if we could help with the gearbox

"We talk regularly with the FIA ​​on many issues, including the issue of the engines, but it's something to keep between us", Zak Brown said when asked about his talks with the FIA, which must authorize Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault supplying a fourth team if any of them come to an agreement with McLaren. Authorization, taking into account the consequences for Honda, is highly unlikely to come if need be.

Honda is gradually improving, but not enough to convince McLaren definitely that it is best to keep their alliance.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Zak Brown supported a hypothetical agreement between Honda and Toro Rosso, which both organizations negotiated for weeks but was finally discarded. "We bless the deal with Sauber when we officially requested and, indeed, we start working on a gearbox. What I can say is that we were very much in favor of a relationship between Honda and Toro Rosso and Christian (Horner) asked us if we could help with the gearbox if we were asked ".

McLaren Honda is putting in a delicate situation, for what seemed an obvious decision is ceasing to be behind the recent progress made by Honda in the engine, especially with the third specification of the engine. This has been given by external collaboration was asked to Ilmor, preparer who for many years was in charge of Mercedes thrusters. Zak Brown has refused to confirm such collaboration, but has praised the ability of Ilmor. "All I can say is that Ilmor is a very successful and very good at what they do organization that has worked with McLaren in the past".

Alonso reiterates its faith in McLaren-Honda "from the first day to the last"

And that Zak Brown has opted for secrecy in everything related to Honda and the decision to take, aware that any comments can alter the current negotiations, both with external suppliers, as the Japanese brand. "We will not comment on our situation regarding engines. I know there is interest, but discuss something when you have something to say. "

We would love to Indianapolis, but will conflict with Monaco and we will not be in the same situation this year

Finally, there is the question of Fernando Alonso, who this year has experienced its best outside of Formula 1. Zak Brown ruled out going back to Indianapolis in 2018, assuming that the Spanish will continue to McLaren and the team will be competitive , thus being impossible without returning to the Monaco Grand Prix. "We would love to Indianapolis, Fernando would be happy, did an amazing job, but will conflict with the Monaco Grand Prix again and we will not be in the same situation this year, so unfortunately we can not be in two places at once, but we would be back with him in the future ".

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