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Formula 1 season test 2016 of Formula 1 start in February

The Formula 1 teams have agreed to advance in a week schedule pre-season testing by 2016. The decision comes after news that finally the World will start in Australia on March 20, two weeks earlier than originally planned.

Photo: Force India

The first pre-season test It had been set initially for dates from 1 to 4 March in the Circuit de Catalunya, one month before the start of the 2016 World contained in the first calendar approved. But after the change decided by the FIA, which in two weeks ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, the teams have agreed to change the schedule of tests, as revealed

The first conference will be held at the Montmelo track from 22 to 25 February, while the second will take place again in the Catalan track, 1 to 4 March, originally scheduled for the first test dates. The change means that the time between the first test and the Grand Prix of Australia has been reduced by one week, which will force the teams to modify their planning.

What remains to be defined is the test schedule for next season, especially important because the teams will take advantage not only to develop the cars of 2016, but also to evaluate new concepts ahead of 2017. In the absence of confirmation, and always according to, it is very likely that the first test was held in Montmeló after the Grand Prix of Spain the second in Abu Dhabi at the end of the season.

Photos: Force India