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Dates presentations of the 2016 F1 cars

Several teams have already known what day will present their cars for the 2016 championship before the start of the test Sunday, and the day of onset are the most repeated days. Sauber chose March 1, in the second week of preseason and Ferrari, meanwhile, invite ten fans to participate in the launch of their new car.

In the absence of knowing the second pilot Manor for the 2016 championship, we know the other components of the grid. However, there is still something as important as the hands that will drive the cars, and it is precisely these cars. Teams start to announce the date on which cars presented next World Cup kicks off in March. Although the presentations were generally in January, the fact that the 2016 preseason start in late February has also delayed the release dates of the cars.

The first team was Renault, which he presented its new project on February 3 so online. Sunday 21 February, a day before booting the pre-season test in Barcelona, McLaren will show the MP4-31 that will drive Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, as posted on his Twitter account.

Feeling blue? Seeing Red ?? You can see ALL the MP4-31 launch on February 21! # McLarenMP431
- McLaren (@ McLarenF1) January 18, 2016

It is the day you have chosen Haas. The first car team history (whose chassis was manufactured by Dallara) Track will go on 21 to make a filming day, although the date of filing is 22. Meanwhile, Williams Nor test conducted prior to submission, and we can see his car in 2016 until the first day of pre-season at the Circuit de Catalunya. The same applies to Manor, only announced its new name and logo but will wait for the first day at Montmeló to present his car. Red Bull He has chosen an act of one of its main sponsors (Puma) to present its 2016 design in London, on February 17, and the car will be presented on 22. Ferrari elected on February 19, and launched a competition for ten fans are part of the presentation. They will hold a day filming in Barcelona on February 21.

Sauber will participate in the first week of testing at the Catalan circuit, but it will do with the car modified 2015. We know the new C35 in the second and final practice, which will be played from 1 to 4 March.

Red Bull17 February (decoration)
22 presentation
London (decoration)
Circuit de Catalunya (presentation)
Haas F1February 21stOn-lineView
McLarenFebruary 21stOn-lineView
WilliamsFeb. 22Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona)View
ManorFeb. 22Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona)View
Toro Rosso29 February (decoration)Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona)
Sauber22 February (decoration)
March 1st
On-linesee decoration
FerrariFebruary 19th
(Filming day 21 February)
Mercedes21 February (decoration)
Feb. 22
Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona)View
Force IndiaunconfirmedunconfirmedView
RenaultFebruary 3rdOn-lineView

Photos: Ferrari