Honda HR-V 2015, the new compact SUV has a name

Already introduced in Japan as Honda vezel in the 2014 New York Auto Show this new compact crossover debuts in specification for the United States. Retrieving a classic brand name in the Honda HR-V 2015 also come to Europe in the coming months: this is its final appearance.

The long awaited Honda compact SUV He has come a long way, but its launch in Europe is growing closer. Presented in a first step under the name Honda Urban SUV Concept, still a prototype, which was launched a few months in Japan on Honda vezel, the final production model makes only.

Now it's time for the United States and depth unchanged with respect to said vezel in 2014 New York Auto Show It has unveiled the model for the US market, with its final Western name: Honda HR-V

Retrieving a name with tradition in Japan's brand, the Honda HR-V was one of the forerunners models of this segment crossover compact, so fashionable in recent years. If in the original model, manufactured between 1999 and 2006, highlighting its body four meters long three doors, new Honda HR-V part completely from scratch, and has little to do with its predecessor.

With a design that can remind us to a Honda CR-V compact in size, Honda HR-V 2015 It sits on the same platform Honda Fit / Jazz 2015, and see inside the system Honda Magic Seat, allowing more flexibility in configuration of squares and also hide the second row, leaving a with completely flat boot floor.

The range of engines for the new Honda HR-V will include these new VTEC engines of small displacement with supercharging in some cases direct injection, and its US launch will be held later this year, being manufactured in Celaya (Mexico).

For the Honda HR-V destined for Europe still we have to wait a few months, but the changes will be minimal compared to the American version.