Renault will launch a 7-seater crossover

After the release of the expected Kadjar Renault, the French automaker focuses its efforts on the development of a new large SUV and seven seats. Taking advantage of the Renault-Nissan alliance, the new crossover will Galo base Nissan X-Trail and share its mechanical range. It could reach the market in 2017.

Renault Kadjar 2015

No manufacturer will not succumb to the charms of the SUV
by good commercial results obtained by this model
category. Renault also enhance this area with a new crossover 7
to compete in the D-SUV segment and join the range of urban Renault Captur (B-SUV) and the new compact crossover Renault Kadjar (C-SUV).

This follows from the words of Jerome Stoll,
vice president of the French company, in an interview with British Middleweight
Auto Express. The new large SUV is still at times
its initial conception, which means that not see in
dealers until at least 2017

Renault Kadjar 2015

What is certain is that Renault will use its alliance
with Nissan
for development. A strategy similar to that followed by the
recently launched renault kadjar, a compact crossover of 5 squares
CMF shares the same platform as the Nissan Qashqai plus 40% of its

Renault kadjar, new 'crossover' Spanish manufacturing compact

Thus logic dictates that the future SUV seven
Renault places will be based on the 
Nissan X-Trail, which also it offers three rows
of seats to accommodate occupants. The Gallic model share
airframe, engines, transmissions and other items with the Japanese.