We reveal the secrets of the BMW Z5

We bring you exclusive details of BMW Z5. Have two bodies, you may equip integrated xDrive and engines have four and six cylinder and a M Performance version could be hybrid. It will arrive during 2018.

Much has been said about the replacement of the Z4, a model that in this second commercial life has not been very successful, and whose replacement, BMW Z5, We've already talked about before with exclusive information and you have even brought a first video where you see moving.

A few days ago we got the first spy photos of the prototype of this model, according to BMW, reinvent the segment of sports and is scheduled to hit dealerships in 2018. this will the first model of the German brand developed with Toyota within the framework of their partnership, which will make this Z5 making more profitable because demand for roadsters currently is very low. Together they bear the cost.

BMW Z5 prototype spotted

BMW Z: A new sub-brand for sports

"Reinventing the segment of sports" means that the strategy is to create a sub-brand BMW BMW i and BMW as M, a range of sports designed with a unique style and outside cutting edge, combined with the proportions of typical roadster: long hood, short rear overhang and a position of very low driving seats situated practically on the rear axle.

Optionally available four-wheel drive

All this added to special dynamic features to enjoy the road, and homeless, with a new level of sports engineering typically BMW.

Its design will be marked by the 328 Hommage and the Vision ConnectedDrive and although we have not yet seen any concept or official progress we have wanted to show you a recreation of the concept BMW Z5 will represent.

BMW Z5: the spy photos final glimpse grill

There will be two body styles: coupe and Roadster BMW Z5

Initially designed as a roadster hardtop like the previous Z4, the manufacturer has decided that the BMW Z5 is offered in two body styles, Roadster with a canvas roof (in the spy photos you can see how the canvas suggests nerves folding mechanism) and a coupe, like the old Z3 coupe.

M Performance version will have around 600 hp

The first to arrive will be the Z5 Roadster, which is expected to be presented in the second half of 2017, around autumn. A year later he made his appearance Z5 Coupé.

Bigger than the current Z4, it is a rival designed to compete - and are reading Mercedes AMG well- with GT. Obviously to compete with the power of AMG GT, BMW is preparing a version that does not have anything to envy V8 brand star.

Although arguably it would also be an alternative to Mercedes-Benz SL in the less powerful versions for their presence and luxurious appearance, but it is very clear that the approach is to make your BMW Z5 a super sports roadster.

This Z5 has a double outlet exhausts

On the platform on which will be built

Toyota equivalent models, both sports brands use a rear drive platform for sport that is based on HPLC BMW has already released with the new Series 7 and which extend throughout the range of BMW, but raising philosophy lightweight to a new dimension, as it will with materials such as aluminum, steel ultrahigh strength, magnesium, fiber carbon and thermoplastic. For example, structural pillars and roof structure are made of CFRP.

HPLC platform evolved lighter materials

Both Z5 Z5 Roadster and the Coupe will be equipped with BMW mechanics, like Toyota equip their models with their own blocks, except for the hybrid version of the German who is of Japanese origin.

With RWD and xDrive AWD some, Only petrol options will be offered with four and six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo technology and will be a M Performance which could be hybrid (we're tbc) with a four-cylinder engine with water injection and new lighter turbochargers and a combined capacity of nearly 600 hp.

BMW Z5: You will have a luxurious interior and the latest services Connected Drive

Spy Shots: CarPix