BMW 3 Series 2018 in its final configuration Hunted

  • Prototypes of the future BMW 3 Series already in its final stages of development.
  • This prototype hunted wheel and in its final configuration, with body and elements belonging to the generation 3 Series G20.
  • Its launch will coincide with the new BMW X5, 2018.

Hunted out of the BMW plant in Munich.

Like the new BMW X5 2018, the new 3 Series and facing the final stages of development. The prototype we've been hunting this time and has what appears to be its final body. Despite the obvious and deep camouflage vinyl, we can see how this prototype and has end elements, such as body panels or even optical.

This new iteration of the 3 Series receives internal code G20, and be certain all previous reports, will be one of the largest generational jumps given by the model in recent years. To counter the increasingly specific competence, to the SUV segment also recently it added the new Jaguar XE, BMW engineers will put much effort into the quality of this new generation model.

2018 will see the birth of a new Series 3 even change their overall proportions, trying to offer not only a sports sedan and dynamic appearance, but friendly and luxurious inside. For this much effort will mark not only on the quality of finishes but also in the materials used.

Its proportions are slightly modified, taking into space.

The technological leap will also be significant, not only talk about the many advances in the chapter on connectivity and infotainment. This new 3 Series and will be based on the CLAR platform, the Cluster Arquitecture released by the current 7 Series and all models will have rear-wheel drive signature Munich.

This new frame will allow lowering the overall weight, through the use of lighter materials, as high strength steels, aluminum or even as models, carbon fiber.

So we can infer in this prototype design is an evolution of the last lines released by the brand. As the case of the new 5 Series, whose last lines clearly derived from the Series 7. The features seem to be more forceful, with classic double kidney grille larger and a waistline wedge, which ascends the side.

A qualitative and quantitative leap.

As for its mechanical range, it is still early to say anything, but
we can be sure that thanks to this new platform could
available versions hybrid or power.

Photos: Automedia