BMW X5 2018: I finally caught in its final configuration

  • We hunt the final version of the new BMW X5 2018, a generational shift that will reach only 5 years after the launch of the current X5.
  • This new generation CLAR premiere technology platform and entire Infotainment and connectivity of the brand.

Evolutionary design but completely new platform.

These are the first images of the final version the new BMW X5. Despite the strong camouflage vinyl carrying this prototype development, we can see that already has its definitive body panels, as well as front and rear optics, air showing its new forms and silhouette.

Although the current X5 was born in 2013, in just five years it will be replaced by a completely new generation. So we are not facing a mere restyling or facelift, but a complete generational change.

The reason is none other than the change to a new frame based on the CLAR platform, Cluster Arquitecture abbreviations that will be used by all models of the mark from 3 and upwards X3 Series. The use of this new platform will ensure all models based on it have a lower weight, thanks to the use of high strength steels profusion and lightweight materials. For the highest range models, such as 7 Series, even using carbon fiber elements.

The dimensions are very similar.

This new generation of the 5 Series, identificada with the internal code G05, He will not suffer, however, considerable aesthetic changes. So we can glimpse behind the camouflage of this prototype, its design will be an evolution of the lines of previous generations. Adapting the new features that carry the latest models of the brand.

Volumes suggest us a high beltline, but with large glazed surface, a classic brand oversized grille and more sculpted bumper.

Like the brand new Series 5, which itself will find a revolution in the technology section. Mechanically we find a new range of engines 4, 6 and 8 cylinder with a capacity ceiling about 700 horses, for sportier variants.

Arrival more than likely for 2018.

Likewise, the 2018 X5 will surely all the technology that recently premiered the new 5 Series. As the 3D Remote View feature, which remotely shows a perspective view of 360 degrees around the vehicle parked or new display key, which controls the vehicle from outside, counting even with a small screen on it.

The presentation of this new model not until 2018 and manufacturing, like the rest of the German manufacturer crossover range, will be in US plant Spartanburg, in North Carolina.

Photos: Automedia