Hunted a prototype of the Toyota Auris 2018 continues its development

After shooting several times to different test mules, our spy photographers have come up with a prototype of the new generation of the Toyota Auris (known in other markets as the Corolla). Although it is fully camouflaged, that Toyota takes a walk a prototype, it means that development is well advanced.

Toyota Auris 2018 - spy photo front

Spy photo of the new Toyota Auris 2018 during a test session.

To find the last time our photographers came up with the new generation Toyota Auris during a test session we must go back to last April. At that time, the unit had a hunted evidence certainly grotesque image with numerous provisional elements and the current model as a basis for conducting a winter test.

Now, more than half a year later, we have returned to the Toyota Auris new generation. However, to our surprise, engineers Japanese firm have taken to walk a prototype. Yes, totally camouflaged. In any case, it is a very important detail because it confirms that the project is at a very advanced stage. Known in some markets as the Toyota Corolla, the new Auris will come loaded with new features.

One of the main changes you will find in the next Toyota Auris will be related to architecture because it will use the new tnga platform (Toyota New Global Architecture). Recall that, by 2020, Toyota expects half of its vehicles make use of the designated platform. Among other models used by the Prius or C-HR, the new Auris will do the same and will add to the list.

Toyota Auris 2018 - spy photo back

Continues to develop the next generation of Toyota Auris.

Moreover, and while the Toyota Corolla Sedan exists in certain regions, the Toyota Auris will be offered exclusively with five-door hatchback body and the Family called "Touring Sports». Visually, will present an evolved and influenced by the latest releases of the company design. It will feature a more stylish and elegant.

In mechanical supply, the main focus will remain the hybrid version. Toyota recently confirmed its commitment to this type of engine. Moreover, we can expect more of a hybrid version of the new Auris range. There will be a more rational and decaffeinated while for lovers of superior performance, you can opt for a more powerful option.

When will it be presented? Currently there have very concrete information, but considering the time of year that we would not be unreasonable to expect a coming-out in the Geneva Motor Show 2018 as a great world premiere of the Japanese manufacturer. 

Photos: CarPix