Toyota Corolla 50th anniversary special edition for an unrepeatable model

50 years is a marked date to pass. The Toyota Corolla celebrates this special year onomástica.Tan only a handful of cars can say the same, and so the Japanese brand launch the North American market a special edition.

Currently in the world there is a small and select group of cars that tell their story as does the Toyota Corolla. The practical Japanese sedan celebrates its 50th anniversary. A round and very special figure that has made the brand dares to launch a special edition in North America. For the other markets will not be available as it has a unique design that also receive a restyling shortly.

Although the Corolla has spent years unsold in Spain and some countries in Europe, its spiritual successor is the Toyota Auris, yes it continues on a broad market of more than 150 countries around the world, thus assuming 20% ​​of total sales of Toyota worldwide.

Heeding this data is not surprising the special affection that the brand has towards the model. So taking advantage of the launch of a new restyling, and the 50-year history of the model, Toyota launched a special commemorative edition. An issue that can only be seen in the American market, one of his favorite sectors.

Based on the corolla, the highest range, the roll includes several commemorative unique features such as a 17-inch wheels with inserts in dark gray, LED headlights improved, a palette of colors particularly, and inserting commemorative details of its 50th anniversary.

It is true that most of these details are focused on the inside. its quality by inserting moldings is improved black cherry, reaching both the instrument panel and the door trim. an improved contrast stitching upholstery and unique and best mats are also included.

As already mentioned, the 8,000 units planned for this edition "limited" will be based on the SE finished, so almost all optional equipment is included. This means involves elements such as Central seven inch screen and a computer enhanced sound. As an extra buyers can be done with a sunroof.

The Toyota Corolla It carries accumulated more than 43 million units sold worldwide over five decades of history. A considerable number of sales that will only grow in the years ahead. Congratulations Corolla.