Toyota Hilux 2016 prices in Spain, we detail the full range

Toyota put on sale in Spain the new Toyota Hilux 2016. One of the best-selling pick-up of the European market that not long ago underwent a complete renovation. We detail all prices and equipment of the Spanish range.

Toyota Hilux 2016

The new Toyota Hilux 2016 has a starting price of € 30,489 for non-commercial use.

Toyota Spain has announced the arrival of the new Spanish dealers Toyota Hilux 2016. A complete renovation of one of the best-selling pick-up in the European market. And it does so with its main premises under his arm: quality, durability and reliability. Three key aspects that have made the Hilux one of the best selling and recognized models in its segment.

The new Toyota Hilux 2016 now has a stronger platform and a stronger frame. It provides greater towing capacities through better 4x4 system. A vehicle that can be used for both commercial use and for leisure thanks to its possibilities. Which is the eighth generation of the Toyota Hilux has been a big step for this model.

It has improved in virtually all fields, and although its design is not a revolution, it does offer more advanced equipment as well as improved comfort. Recall that has a load capacity greater than 225 kilograms outgoing generation. It can transport more than one ton of material in the cargo area. It also offers a towing capacity of up to 3.2 tons for the variant crew cab and 3.5 tons in Single Cab versions and Extra cabin.

Toyota Hilux 2016 - Interior

So inside the 2016 Toyota Hilux.

As we have said, will be available Three types of body in the range: Regular Cab (2 places), Extra Cab (4 seats) and Double Cab (5 seats). The body can be painted up to eight colors and range will comprise three trim levels: GX, VX and VXL. The first is aimed at commercial use. One of the main innovations is that the new Hilux can equip the Toyota Safety Sense package. All versions are equipped as standard seven aribags.

Turning to the mechanical section there is unanimity. And it is that all versions equipping an 2.4 liter diesel engine D-4D 150 hp which can be associated with both Manual gearbox with six gears like a Automatic Super ECT the same number of relationships. Another important development is that it offers us to choose between two driving modes: ECO and POWER.

Prices Optional Equipment 2016 Toyota Hilux

Commercial usepearlescent paint700 €
Commercial usemetallic paint500 €
Commercial useautomatic transmission (VX and VXL)1,600 €
Commercial useToyota Safety Sense600 €
Commercial useBrowser Toyota Touch 2 & GO (VX and VXL)800 €
non-commercial usepearlescent paint756 €
non-commercial usemetallic paint540 €
non-commercial useautomatic transmission (VX and VXL)1,729 €
non-commercial useToyota Safety Sense648 €
non-commercial useBrowser Toyota Touch 2 & GO (VX and VXL)864 €

Toyota Hilux 2016

The 2016 Toyota Hilux is available to register for both commercial and private use.

Prices Toyota Hilux 2016

Commercial use150D 2.4 GX Single Cabin28,215 €
Commercial useSingle Cab Chassis 2.4 GX 150D27,415 €
Commercial useExtra cabin 150D 2.4 GX29,215 €
Commercial useExtra Cab Chassis 2.4 GX 150D28,415 €
Commercial useDouble Cab 2.4 GX 150D29,815 €
Commercial useVX Double Cab 2.4 150D32,615 €
Commercial use150D 2.4 VX Double Cab Automatic34,215 €
Commercial useDouble Cab 2.4 150D VXL 36,615 €
Commercial use150D 2.4 Double Cab Automatic VXL38,215 €
non-commercial use150D 2.4 GX Single Cabin30,489 €
non-commercial useExtra cabin 150D 2.4 GX31,569 €
non-commercial useDouble Cab 2.4 GX 150D32,217 €
non-commercial useVX Double Cab 2.4 150D35,243 €
non-commercial use150D 2.4 VX Double Cab Automatic36,972 €
non-commercial useDouble Cab 2.4 150D VXL41,078 €
non-commercial useDouble Cab Automatic 2.4 150 VXL42,807 €

The above prices are recommended and lacking any discounts and / or promotions in force in the market.