Confirmed: This one is the new Seat Cupra Ateca and has 300 hp

  • After meeting yesterday images of a mysterious prototype SEAT Ateca rolling in Nürburgring, we continue our own research and today we can say that this really is the new Ateca Cupra.
  • This copy has the same supercharged 2.0-liter, 300 bhp Leon Cupra motor.

The mysterious prototype seen in Germany corresponds to the development of new Ateca Cupra.

Yesterday we were surprised to discover a mysterious unity of SEAT Ateca who was testing at the Nurburgring. All reports They pointed to the possible and desired variant Cupra Ateca, however, it showed the main characteristics that should inform this sport version. Features such as a modified frame, lowered suspension with wheels and brakes or larger in the case of this unit They were identical to the regular versions Ateca.

After our doubts, we decided to continue work and today we have the traffic report in this issue, we It reveals certain key aspects and unambiguous nature of this unit. And now, yes you can say that the unit appears white images It corresponds to a test unit of the new variant Ateca Cupra. Copy which at least is testing the new engine.

According to the data registered vehicle, this belongs to SEAT and has recently been enrolled. It is registered as a prototype and most interestingly, has a gasoline engine 2.0-liter that delivers 300 hp (221 kW), so no doubt this Ateca has at least the engine that would encourage the Cupra version.

Traffic Report this unit.

So these They are the first images (real) of the new sporty version of Ateca, not as the time when all the world media reported that a strange copy of diesel engine was one of the first prototypes of Ateca Cupra.

Returning to this example, the unit that SEAT has been testing at the Nurburgring no longer a mystery. We know for a fact that the Spanish brand is one of the manufacturers that more effort put at hiding their projects, not in vain spend painstaking efforts to hide their creations to prying eyes as proof of this striking camouflage deployed during the new SEAT Ibiza.

So it is likely to SEAT or is testing the new platform with no apparent mechanical frame changes, or they have decided camouflage this version with the most visible elements of a regular version. Which no longer strange, it is not unusual for a brand to move anything unless Nürburgring with incomplete or only version to test a new engine on another version.

No differences in the frame.

The only real difference, as noted yesterday, they are the two new exhaust which are on the right, also installed a somewhat provisionally and painted black in the vain attempt to go unnoticed.

A rack level, as we showed yesterday, we did not find
no difference in the axes with respect to other versions of Ateca
Or the wheels, brakes or own height or suspension.
Elements that surely will be modified in the variant