The Seat León Cupra 2016 increases its power to 290 hp

The 2.0 TSI Seat Leon Cupra 2016 power its roar going from 280 to 290 hp. The update will come to the bodies of 3 and 5 doors and familiar. The new León Cupra will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It is not yet official but the online configurator Seat in Germany it reveals: the Seat Leon Cupra you will receive an extra dose of power to roar more fiercely than ever. Quietly the Spanish compact stretches the possibilities of 2.0 TSI engine going from the current 280 hp to 290 hp.

It is very likely that the announcement of the brand is produced in a few days since the update Leon Cupra 2016 we will see probably in September during the celebration of Frankfurt Motor Show. In this event the Cupra have a preferential place besides the compact, also debut the new Seat Ibiza Cupra 2016.

With 290 hp the Lion can still presuming to be the model's fastest front-wheel drive VAG group. This increase of 10 hp, which will both 5-door body and the Leon SC three-door and the family ST lion, It does not increase performance since according to the German configurator accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, while the 280 hp version.

Perhaps this extra dose of vitamins is not just a matter of marketing to try to reduce the gap with the Honda Civic Type R, which develops an output of 310 hp. The German model stripped the title León front wheel drive car faster Nürburgring. However, the compact Seat still presuming to be the fastest familiar with the Green Hell Seat Leon Cupra ST.

Another highlight is that the prices of the Seat Leon Cupra versions for the German market have increased 500 euros. It remains to be seen whether this price increase is solely due to their higher power or the Spanish compact also It has increased its standard equipment.