Opel Zafira Tourer 2016, new front and much more technology

Today is the day to contemplate the renewal of the most familiar and versatile car that Opel is able to conceive. Today, it debuts Opel Zafira Tourer 2016. New design and much more technology for this room on wheels.

New look for the familiar model of Opel

Just a few days ago, a leak brought to light the design of the new Zafira. But today those impromptu photos left behind to let the real model. Now just introduced the Opel Zafira Tourer 2016. The German family renovated comes with important news, from the aesthetic and technological terms.

Already foreshadowed in the various spy photos, the new Zafira Tourer would have a major facelift. Today it has become clear, and has discovered us an image much more in tune with the latest models presented by the firm German. An image that includes technology.

And the front completely changes from the grill to the bumper through the headlights, which They can now have the latest technology LED lighting Opel. This leaves room front windshield and a large extended a few more changes body presents. In fact the rear is exactly the same as we already knew.

The front includes new headlights with LED technology

Inside the new Zafira arrives with a dashboard and one completely new driving. A simpler, with far fewer buttons, and functional than the previous design. Ergonomics has been worked so that everything is close at hand. These elements include the large central dash display with a size of up to seven inches I handle and touch.

The steering wheel also changes, as the number of systems that can be managed through it. And it is that if something is defined this generation Opel Zafira Tourer is for its technology. As has already happened in the latest developments of the German mark as the Opel Astra or Opel Corsa, they have implemented a number of systems to make this, one of the world's most connected movolúmenes.

It will be offered with two next-generation multimedia systems. The IngelliLink R4.0 with maximum possible connectivity for mobile phones, both Android and Apple, and Navi 950 IntelliLink is exactly the same except that in this case is provided with navigation equipment of last generation.

The interior is enhanced by eliminating much botonera. Cleaner and elegant

Of course, and as already notice Opel, the OnStar system included personal assistance. This allows us to have an attendant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Besides being convenient and comfortable also ensures our security because in case of emergency call activates the accident immediately. Finally, to complete the number of connections, It is offered with 4G WiFi access for up to seven devices.

And we talk about security we must talk about driving attendees. As stipulated in the latest models put on the market, it is essential arrangement of these driving aids, and thus the Zafira includes notice of involuntary lane change detector dead angle, the rear view camera, control and adaptive cruise Opel Eye. A team that is capable of alternating long and short lights depending on the surrounding traffic.

In everything else we have the same Zafira we already knew. That is to say, A multifunctional car interior adapts to our needs. With a maximum capacity of seven passengers, the last row of seats folded into the luggage compartment floor, while the second has individual length adjustment for each seat.

The OnStar equipment is already a regular on the Opel Zafira and also receives

Of course we must talk about space. And that knows much Zafira Tourer. At least 710 liters is available trunk. This figure can be increased up to 1,860 if folded down the second row of seats. Furthermore, additional 30 liters distributed throughout the cabin are offered. practical spaces to make various objects.

Finally, within mechanical range, little new in sight. Opel Zafira will continue offering the engines we already knew. A wide variety of blocks diesel, petrol and LPG which do not vary at all. The same thing happens with transmissions, with a choice of manual or automatic six-speed gearbox.

The Opel Zafira Tourer 2016 and is a reality, but will have to wait at least a few months to have it at dealerships. At least until summer after the landing of the first units will not occur. Before that should be exposed as it deserves in the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October.

The new generation of the Zafira Tourer will make its commercial landing around summer