The new Skoda Vision E Concept debuts with a revised image

The new Skoda Vision E Concept has been unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show with a revised version regarding this electric concept car introduced in Shanghai last April image. The new Vision E features autonomous driving technology level 3 and is powered by two electric motors that show a power of 306 hp. It has 500 km of autonomy.

Skoda Vision E Concept - Rear

The Skoda Vision E Concept has been revised facing the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Just as it planned, and after several advances in the form of sketches, Skoda has introduced in the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 New Skoda Vision E Concept. A prototype you possibly familiar. It is logical, since last April debuted at the Shanghai 2017. Looking to the event taking place these days at the appointed German city, it has received different aesthetic settings.

Skoda says it has continued to develop which is its first all-electric prototype and using as a basis the MEB Volkswagen Group platform. An architecture designed specifically for battery electric vehicles that will be used by the various brands of the German automotive group. returning to Skoda Vision E Concept which can be seen at the stand of Skoda in Frankfurt, What has changed? Well, we must pay close attention to the front, because that is where the biggest changes are concentrated. Here are live pictures of the model.

In the front section looks a strip of LED lights around the vehicle width with narrow triangular headlights with glasslike Matrix LED technology. The hood has a redesigned form to convey greater visual impact with a roof line slightly inclined to accentuate its character coupe. The rest of the vehicle looks unchanged to the naked eye.

Skoda Vision E Concept - Front

This is the front of the new Skoda Vision E Concept.

Lacks pillars B to achieve a greater sense of space inside and has doors opening opposite. An unmistakable detail to know that this is a prototype, is that no mirrors. Instead they have been installed cameras that show what happens around the vehicle. And if you look at the rear, in addition to the LED technology lights it emphasizes its sculptural form.

Leaving aside the outside and taking a look at the pictures of the interior, we will find a Cabin for four occupants with rotating individual seats that will enter and exit comfortably. The absence of transmission tunnel further increases the sense of spaciousness. Numerous touch screens allow you to access all kinds of information and entertainment systems. In each door Skoda has installed a "phonebox" to recharge your mobile phone wirelessly.

Technologically it is a very advanced vehicle as it has the necessary experience to offer autonomous driving level 3. The Car Park Autopilot system can find free parking spaces, what we must add the assistant jams with braking and acceleration function or the function "car-to-car 'to communicate with other vehicles off the road.

Skoda Vision E Concept - Interior

A look inside the new Skoda Vision E Concept.

Mechanically there is no news. The new Skoda Vision E Concept is still powered by two electric motors (Each act on a particular axis) that cast a total power of 225 kW (306 hp). Have all-wheel drive and be able to reach a maximum speed of 180 km / h. Moreover, its battery pack lithium-ion battery will give a range of up to 500 kilometers.

Skoda Vision E Concept: electric and autonomous SUV of the Czech brand is now official